Nightmare>>Demigod>>GUTTED - USA

Bleed For Us To Live - 1994 - Red Light

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S= MARK DITCH>>Notara, Blood & Bone
G= MICHAEL DITCH - Billy Mills
B= MARK DITCH>>Notara, Blood & Bone

The band was formed in Ohio in 1991. The group had operated under other monickers since 1990. Gutted was signed by Red Light Records following the label's loss of Broken Hope. They were Cannibal Corpse-influenced and were soon garnering a following in the underground death metal scene. Yet with ensuing label problems, the band soon went into a hiatus coming out only long enough to record a demo. The band played the Michigan Metal Fest in 1997. A new style was attempted and even a sampler album was mentioned as due on MIA Records as a trio (of brothers) yet nothing was released. The band also signed with an underground label called Epitaph, yet again nothing came of the venture.

Michael died of brain cancer in 2014.