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History & Biography
This lady was a hard rocking Miami, Florida act fronted by the twin Mattioli sisters who were born in New York state. The sisters had already gained notoriety for appearing in Playboy Magazine in 1985's Blondes Brunettes Redheads News-stand special. They were helped by producer Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, etc.) and also issued an EP called Snarl 'n Stripes. The band appeared at the Reading festival near London England in 1987. Take Care Of Yourself was a 1989 single. The 1989 tour was dubbed Out Of Control.

Before disbanding the band was re-staffed with a number of new musicians. The twins also relocated to England for a while. This, in reaction to some derision among the general public to the band's approach. Nonetheless, the band toured Europe and had a fan club in France.

The sisters appeared years later with a new band called Cell Mates, which was being distributed by BMG. This was the early 1990s. Down By 4 was a funk rock act. Paula Mattioli became a studio singer in Los Angeles. Pamela Mattioli became an actress and mainstream singer.

Paula resurrected a new version of the act in 2017. Pamela Mattioli had died due to a heart condition in 2014. The band churned out an self-titled independent release. Scotty Migone was on guitar, Joey Ojeda was on bass and keyboards and Kenny Wendland drummed.

Sign Of The Gypsy Queen was a song by April Wine from 1981. It was originally recorded by Canadian singer Lorence Hud.



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