Venganza - 2006 - Moribund
Katun - 2007 - Moribund
Metztli Obscura – 2010 – Embrace my Funeral
Darkness Beyond – 2015 – Dark Descent
Nex Nihil – 2017 - MAT

Hacavitz image
Disgorge, Domain, Ravager, Impiety, Profanator>>ANTIMO BUONNANO>>Impiety, Profanator

Disgorge, Domain, Ravager, Impiety, Profanator, Castleumbra>>ANTIMO BUONNANO>>Impiety, Profanator, Castleumbra - Raped God, Cenotaph, Blood Reaping, Impiety, Metralla>>Eduardo Guevara>>Impiety, Blasphemathory, Metralla - Repvblika>>IVÁN OCHOA>>Repvblika

The Pit, Profanator>>Antonio Nolasco>>The Pit, Profanator, Warfield, Apotemnophobia - IVÁN OCHOA

Domain, Ravager, Impiety, Demonized>>Oscar Garcia>>Impiety, Demonized – Knife, Rapture, Profanator, Drowned In Blood, Xiat, Skid Raid, Escarnium, Reverence To Paroxysm>>CESAR ‘LED’ SANCHEZ>>Profanator, Drowned In Blood, Xiat, Skid Raid, Escarnium, Reverence To Paroxysm

History & Biography
Death metal band Hacavitz was formed by several infamous Mexican musicians in 2003 following the demise of Ravager and issued a self-titled EP through Osmose in 2003. A single called Lusting The Dead Of The Night was issued in 2005. The band signed to Moribund Records and issued a full-length in 2006. By this time, Antonio Nolasco had been replaced by Luis P. 2007’s Katun was a two-man affair with Antimo and Oscar left standing. Eduardo had left the band in late 2006 after two releases and tours with the group. The band split up in 2010, but bagging groceries does not pay well so the band returned in 2011 (but still worked bagging groceries). Hacavitz and Spectrum Mortis and then Hacavitz, Veldraveth and Theurgia had split records in 2020.


I had wanted to get my hands on Hacavitz’s music for some time and it has not disappointed. The band formed by current Impiety and former Disgorge members is as bloodthirsty as one would imagine, but by the same token does not mimic or follow the aforementioned bands either.
Several unanswered questions remain like whether the intro is indeed the Mexican national anthem or in which language the band’s lyrics are, but no matter the answer this is death metal of the heaviest calibre with major influence from Morbid Angel. The technicality and leads are indeed inspired by the Floridians, but the darkness of Incantation and the fast and ultra-sonic technique of Disgorge are also heard on this disc. Not to be outdone the rabid and ghastly vocalist completes the equation. Even Jesus couldn’t have predicted such a blasphemy. - Ali “The Metallian”

With so much black and death metal focused on the exploits of the Vikings and their kin, many of us in the scene have unwittingly become scholarly on the doings of Odin, Thor and the like. Well, it’s time to learn about a new people while going through (Metal) History 101: the Aztecs, one of the fiercest cultures ever to grace the planet. Mexico’s Hacavitz deliver the lesson (mostly in Spanish, adding authenticity), all the while accompanied by a shrewd a death/black attack that at times rages with ultra-speed and at others slows down to create darkened ambience. Of course, Hacavitz’s mid-paced material is nothing to disregard either, as the intro riff to Ride Thee Nebula is one of the best we’ll hear this year. This is top-tier on all counts, Hacavitz having put together a record that is raw and visceral but also listenable, impressing many in the process. - James Tape