Deviant Current Signal - 2005 - Listenable
Amoeba - 2007 - Listenable
Lazarus - 2009 - Listenable
Back To Where You've Never Been - 2013 - Indie

Hacride image
S= Samuel Bourreau - Sinscale>>LUIS ROUX
D= Olivier Laffond - Klone, Step In Fluid>>FLORENT MARCADET>>Klone, Step In Fluid

Hacride was founded in 2001 based on influences like Canada’s Strapping Young Lad. The name was a variation on the word 'acrid.' The group issued a 2003 demo called Cyznide Echoes featuring three songs. The demo translated into a deal with Listenable Records - a deal with another label had fallen apart earlier - and a debut album in 2005. Another album was issued early in 2007. The French progressive metal band would release a new album, Back To Where You've Never Been, on April 19th, 2013 through Indie Recordings. Marcadet and Roux had joined in 2012.


It has become a dreadful sight to see an album with a white cover ever since asinine bands like Soilwork and In Flames adopted the idea. France’s Hacride is presenting just such a cover concept with its new album, entitled Amoeba, but the style here is more akin to the type of crossover that originated with Meshuggah and Strapping Young Lad. The band is not quite a copycat, yet there really is no denying the influences here either.
This is cold and calculated crossover with mechanical static riffs, screamed vocals of anguish and a fair bit of production technology. The songs fall into the barrage/gentle pattern and, in that context, remind one of Zero Hour. Ultima Necat is the perfect example with its multi-rhythmic rollercoaster of sounds. Even the clean vocals are masked or immersed effectively by the bursts of outlandish energy. It could easily be described as maintaining a dual, triple or multiple personality. The effective riffs, manic arrangements, harsh tones and modern effects ultimately overpower the trendier elements and an incredibly out-of-place Flamenco cover song. - Ali “The Metallian”