...Again Shall Be... - 1994 - FMP
The Dawn Of The Dying Sun - 1997 - FMP
Millennium Nocturne - 1999 - Hammerheart
The Pulse Of Decay - 2001 - Psycho Bitch

Hades image
S= Amputation, Old Funeral, Immortal>>JANTO GARMANSLUND
B= Amputation, Old Funeral, Immortal>>JANTO GARMANSLUND
D= Dark>>REMI

Hades was formed in 1992 by former Old Funeral and Immortal bassist Jorn and former Dark drummer Remi. The band released a demo in 1993 called Alone Walkyng (later released as an EP by Wounded Love Records) and added the Norway suffix to its name to avoid confusion with its American namesake. The lineup was completed by Janto (bass and vocals) and Nagel (guitar) in 1993. Stig then replaced Nagel on guitar. Simultaneously Jorn Tunsberg was arrested for a church burning and handed a two-year sentence.
The band signed with US-based FMP and released ...Again Shall Be... in late 1994. The album showcased a Norwegian band dealing with topics of paganism and Norse mythology. Following The Dawn Of The Dying Sun, Hades played several shows in the USA and Mexico. After these shows the band would claim FMP had ripped it off.
In the spring of 1998, the band was renamed Hades Almighty as a reaction to threats of legal action from New Jersey's Hades. Hades Almighty played the Wacken Open Air in Germany in the summer of 1998. In September of 1998 the band entered the Prolog Studio in Dortmund, Germany and recorded the Dark Millennium album for Nuclear Blast Records. In an odd twist, the German label contacted the band to inform it that the album will be licensed to the Dutch Hammerheart Records! Undeterred the band toured with Immortal, Mayhem and Primordial among others.
The band's next album was issued in 2001 through Germany's Psycho Bitch Records.
The Norwegians signed with Dark Essence Records in late 2003. The group re-released its previous album The Pulse Of Decay in mid-April of 2004, this time featuring a DVD section and bonus tracks.