Hallowed image
S= Stoner Kings>>MICHAEL MAJALAHTI>>Stoner Kings, Overnight Sensation, Klaatuu, Crossfyre, Angel Of Sodom

G= MIKKO TULINIEMI>>Random Eyes, Ristinolla, Rebelhead - SAMUEL HOISKO>Random Eyes

B= Jami Pohjoismäki>>The Knob

D= TIMO PELTOKANGAS>>Random Eyes, Ristinolla, Lumina Polaris

History & Biography
Hallowed was formed by Samuel and Timo using the Valo monicker in 1997, which is Finnish for ‘light.’ The white metal act was a poppy rock band before gradually drifting towards heavy metal. The name was changed in 1998.

The band later added keyboardist Markus Ketonen and Canuck Majalahti to the line-up. Hallowed appeared on the Finnish Metal Compilation. Finland's Hallowed issued an EP called End Of The Age in 2001. The keyboards were dropped. A four-song demo called Fear And Pain followed in 2002.

The band's name and titles are obviously influenced by the Bible. Singer Majalahti was a professional wrestler in Canada using the Michael Wildside alias (Motley Crue inspiration), which also meant he subsequently pursued the business in Finland. The man also drew the logo for Bodom After Midnight. He knew Alexi of Bodom After Midnight since his band Stoner Kings had opened up for Sinergy featuring Alexi’s then wife Kim Goss.