Creating Hell - 2010 - Black Bards

S= Riff Raff, Cosmic Haze, Octoria, Grond, Endstille>>Iblis [Sven Loebl] – Insomnia Astrorum, Neun Welten, Wandar>>Skoll [Chris Kallenbach]>>Wandar, Idhafels
G= Valgaldrar, The Soulscape Project, Thulcandra>>RAUDHRSKAL [M. DELASTIK]>>Valgaldrar, The Soulscape Project, Thulcandra - Death Embrace, Grabak>>SLAKTARE>>Death Embrace, Grabak
B= Grabak, Nargaroth, Lightningz Edge>>VORST [STEFFEN ELLEBOOD]>>Grabak, Nargaroth, Lightningz Edge
D= Nargaroth, Lightningz Edge, Thulcandra, Secrets Of The Moon>>EREBOR [ALESSANDRO DELASTIK]>>Nargaroth, Lightningz Edge, Thulcandra, Secrets Of The Moon

This Satanic band is based in Germany and features former Endstille singer Iblis, but was actually formed in 2003 in Greece by Erebor and Raudhrskal. The band issued a 2004 demo called Up North. Several subsequent recordings were not released until 2010 brought a full-length album. The recording was engineered at Jak's Hell studio in Germany. The band only returned in 2019 with The M-Theory demo. Morean of Dark Fortress provided vocals. Dark Fortress and Haradwaith had played together before.

Haradwaith was a land in the south in Tolkien’s Lord Of The Rings saga.