Origin – 2014 – Punishment 18
Proliferation – 2015 – Metal Blade
Extinction – 2017 – Metal Blade
Detritus Of The Final Age – 2020 – Metal Blade

S= Mason>>ANDREW HUDSON>>Mason
G= Mason, Desecrator, Naberus, Bane Of Winterstorm>>ANDREW HUDSON>>Mason, Desecrator, Naberus, Bane Of Winterstrorm – Mason>>Ryan Butler>>Mason – In Malice’s Wake>>LEIGH BARTLEY>>In Malice’s Wake
D= Dan Van Twest – Trigger>>Tim Joyce>>Trigger, Dreadnaught – Merkury, Bane Of Bedlam>>GLEN TRAYHERN

Australia-based Harlott – with the exact same spelling as the Canada-based ‘80s’ hard rockers – was founded in 2006. The quartet issued a demo called Virus in 2011 and to emphasize the point placed a biohazard sign on the cover. The None demo appeared in 2012. Pat O’Neil was replaced by Butler. The band issued Origin independently in 2013, but had Punishment 18 Records release it in 2014. Like-wise Proliferation was an independent release before being picked up by Metal Blade. The band toured Europe supporting Annihilator in 2015. Tim Joyce joined for Extinction. The first three albums formed a trilogy. Extinction’s release was marked with a co-headlining concert with Desecrator.

Guitarist Jake Weber was with the band between 2017 and 2018. The group supported Havok, Darkest Hour and Cephalic Carnage in Europe in April 2018. Glen Trayhern and Leigh Bartley arrived for Detritus Of The Final Age. Detritus obviously follows extinction. Cephalic Carnage’s Brian Hopp contributed a solo to the song Prime Evil.