Don't Trust - 1997 - Ars Metalli
I'll Be Your Master - 1998 - Ars Metalli
Impact - 2003 - Morbid
Indecent Paths of a Ramifying Darkness – 2016 – Defying Danger

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History & Biography
Harmony Dies (not to be confused with the black metal band) was formed in 1992 as a death metal band in Berlin. Two demos, respectively called Living Corpses and Slope, were released in 1992. These were followed by a split-single with Krisiun on Morbid Records. The Third Output... and Promo '95 followed.

The band soon issued a MCD called Slaughtered, which attracted the attention of German label Ars Metalli. Shows with Deranged, Incantation and others were soon conducted. Herold left the band and was replaced in October of 2002 by Ulf Binder. Earlier Torsten Keller had become the band's drummer and the Berliners had altered their logo. A split-single with Spawn would show a sign of life from the band in 2002.

The band signed with Morbid Records hoping for a 2003 release on that label. The album, simply entitled Impact, was released in August. Torsten Keller left in 2011 and the band slumbered for a year.

The band was booked for at Fuck The Commerce XIV, which was cancelled, and Berlin Deathfest 2023 and was recording a song in advance of a full-length that autumn.


The band's logo has changed, but the German death/grind combo's influences remain the same as ever. Impact - wonder why no one thought of this title before - is a brutal slab of molten Monstrosity, Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus - in that order. The vocalist growls his guts out and the band does its best to horrify. Of particular note is the bassist who rattles more dominantly than the norm.
All that aside, Harmony Dies is hardly stimulating. The band's approach is by-the-numbers and the riffs generally derivative of what has transpired before. That in itself is not a bad thing, but Harmony Dies is hardly at the top rung of the genre and so is only a so-so choice given the plethora of other bands on the market. For Harmony Dies to succeed, the band needs to speed up a notch, boost the level of technicality displayed and incorporate more solos such as the one on Silence. Also, the elegently-titled instrumental InstruMetal is a nice touch which somehow works. One more thing the band can do is to revert back to the old more sinister-looking logo. - Ali "The Metallian"


Harmony Dies