Oxytocin - 2006 - Black Lodge

Harms Way image
S= Born Of Fire>>MR DIM [DIMITRIOS PIATOS]>>Trash Amigos

G= Unleashed, Born Of Fire, Loudpipes, Celestial Pain>>FREDRIK LINDGREN>>Atlantic Tide - Merciless>>ERIK WALLIN>>Merciless, Trash Amigos, Death Breath, Nirvana 2002, Under The Church

B= Born Of Fire>>MR DIM [DIMITRIOS PIATOS]>>Trash Amigos

D= Merciless, Dia Psalma, Transport League, Blackshine>>STEFAN CARLSSON>>Merciless, Python, Trash Amigos, Second Sun

History & Biography
Doom band Harms Way, featuring singer and bassist Mr. Dim (of Born Of Fire), guitarist Fredrik "Eugene" Lindgren (ex-Unleashed, Born Of Fire, Loudpipes and Celestial Pain), second guitarist Erik Wallin (ex-Merciless) and drummer Stefan Carlsson (ex-Merciless, Dia Psalma, Transport League and Blackshine), would release its full-length debut, called Oxytocin, on September 22nd through Black Lodge Records. Deno was a 2008 demo. The band dissolved in 2009. The members scattered to other acts like Trash Amigos and Atlantic Tide.



Harms Way