Everybody Dies - 1998 - Pavement
The Only Law Is Survival - 2000 - Arctic/Pavement
Moshpit Murder - 2004 - Arctic

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Sickness>>Kyle Symons>>Malevolent Creation, Upon Infliction, Kill Division

Cannibal Corpse, Solstice, Malevolent Creation, Hollenton>>Rob Barrett>>Hollenton, Drakkara, Eulogy, Cannibal Corpse, Tirant Sin - Malevolent Creation, Encefalitis>>PHIL FASCIANA>>Malevolent Creation

Parasyte, F.C.A., Revenant>>Tim Scott>>Methane, Volturyon, Margrave - Hibernus Mortis, Acrimonium>>Doug Humlack>>Spiritus Infernus - Evil Amidst, Kult Ov Azazel>>JULIAN HOLLOWELL>>Evil Amidst, Kult Ov Azazel, The Evil Amidst, Wolfpack 44

Malevolent Creation, Hanus, Encefalitis>>Crazy Larry Hawke - Disgorged, Malevolent Creation, Suffocation>>Dave Culross>>Incantation, Pyrexia

History & Biography
Hateplow was put together in 1994 as a Malevolent Creation side-project. A four-song demo was recorded and distributed freely. Some time later Scott and Symons were recruited. The band got a recording deal with Pavement Music, Malevolent Creation's label, as a result of a new nine-song demo and recorded a debut. Hawke was incarcerated just after the completion of the debut album however. He would later die ostensibly while trying to save the life of his pet who was trapped in a house fire. Another account had him dying because of inhalation of chemicals. Ironically, his death occurred just when Barrett had left Cannibal Corpse and was gearing to concentrate on Hateplow.

Culross (again formerly of Malevolent Creation) and Humlack were recruited for The Only Law Is Survival. In the meanwhile, Symons would also join Malevolent Creation. Humlack left the fold unwilling to tour and the band opened for Malevolent Creation in Europe with Julian 'Xaphan' Hollowell of Kult Ov Azazel and Demonic Christ. Another tour would be scheduled for Europe in the summer of 2003. This would be followed with the announcement that a new album is being planned.

2004's Mosh Pit Murder featured live recordings captured on the band's 2000 tour with SOD. The set was taken from a Michigan show. The CD featured a 1996 demo as bonus material. Former Massacre singer Kam Lee was invited to perform the vocals on the band’s next album in 2007, but the union did not happen. Dan Simpson joined on drum in 2014. Mike Dickson was on vocals.

Larry Hawke died in 1997. Doug Humlack died in 2020. Total Hate 1998-2004 was a box set on Back On Black in 2021.


One of year 2000's stronger proponents of the speed-for-speed's-sake ethic, Malevolent Creation offshoot Hateplow are back with no less than 13 tracks of non-stop blasting death metal not surprisingly reminiscent of the likes of Malevolent and Deicide. The vocals of Kyle Symons are of the shouted variety as delivered by the above-referred, while musically the band ignores all commercial potential by bashing at your senses all guns blazing. There is no innovation or anything remotely revolutionary here, but this is not only a strong death metal release but also an antidote for today's wimp-laden K&F (keyboards and female vocals) scene. - Ali "The Metallian"

The blasting and hardcorish sounds of Hateplow are captured live in Detroit while the band was supporting S.O.D., nine songs that surely spawned mosh pits make sure that the listeners get the feel of a live Hateplow performance. Vocalist Kyle Symons does his best to get the people going and is heard saying things like "only gets faster from here on" after a few songs have already been played. Every song from the opener Crackdown to Fuck The Millenium and In The Ditch prove that a Hateplow show is an experience only for those that dare to experience a pit.
The CD also includes the 1999 demo song Payback and the whole 1996 demo which featured their original line-up with Tim Scott on bass and Larry Hawke on drums. It must be noted that many of the demo songs such as Everybody Dies, Stalker and Born With Both are also included in the live portion of the CD. - Anna Tergel