Mark Of The Warrior - 2004 - Black Lotus
Baptised In Fire – 2007 – Black Mark

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S= DeepRainSnake, Hopeless Bluesband, Sixpack, Tale, Hidden Lace, Ear>>STEFAN EMBRETSSON>>Ear

G= Tale, Bullhorn>>JAN SANDBERG>>Blackworld – CARL BERGLUND>>Age Of Reflection

B= Abhoth, Throneaeon, Mausoleum, Septic Breed>>Magnus Wall>Mausoleum, Septic Breed, GrandExit, Vicious, Godhate – Scaar, Astral Carneval>>MATS VASSFJORD>>Scaar, Astral Carneval, Johan Kihlberg’s Imperia, 220 Volt

D= Necromancer, Widow, Vanessa, Scaar>>RICHARD HOLMGREN>>Scaar, Apostasy, Wolf, Blackworld, Vatika

History & Biography
Haterush is a heavy metal band formed by Jan Sandberg who then proceeded to recruit his old Tale buddy Embretsson into the band. The band's intention was to record a demo, but the recording sessions turned into a full-blown album recording session. The debut was recorded at Underground Studio and released in late 2004. The band disappeared after its sophomore effort.


Haterush is a young Swedish band with a solid heavy metal approach close to Hammerfall. The album is full of fast and smooth songs like Silver Bullet, guiding Star, Titans Will Fall and Sea Of Love which fly by with an impressive tightness that probably speaks to the experienced nature of the musicians involved. The band is not doing anything new and thus far unheard, but has a good metal disposition overall. Nevertheless, the backing chants are overused and the band should moderate its reliance on them next time around. They become a nuisance at some point. Instead, Haterush should rely on vocalist Stefan Embretsson's higher pitches more often in order to produce more variety in its repertoire. - Ali "The Metallian"