Cauterized>>Necrosis>>HATESPHERE - DENMARK

Hatesphere- 2001 - Serious
Bloodred Hatred - 2002 - Scarlet
Ballet Of The Brute - 2004 - Scarlet
The Sickness Within - 2005 - SPV
Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes - 2007 - SPV
To The Nines – 2009 - Napalm
The Great Bludgeoning – 2011 - Napalm
Murderlust – 2013 - Massacre
New Hell – 2015 - Massacre
Reduced To Flesh – 2018 - Scarlet

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The Guv´nors, 8K Dragon, The Day They Dropped The Bomb, Insult, Chaosium, Allhelluja, Barcode, Sult>>Jacob Bredahl>>Allhelluja, Barcode, Sult - Scarred by Beauty>>Jonathan 'Joller' Albrechtsen>>Scarred by Beauty – As We fight, Numbnuts>>ESBEN KJAER HANSEN>>Numbnuts

Necrosis>>PETE LYSE HANSEN - Furious Trauma, Defacement, Koldborn>>Henrik Jacobsen – Dawn Of Demise, Koldborn>>Jakob Nyholm>>Koldborn – Invocator, Submission, The Arcane Order>>KASPER KIRKEGAARD>>The Arcane Order

Koldborn>>Mikael Ehlert>>Koldborn – Mixen Lindberg - JIMMY NEDERGAARD

Raunchy>>Morten Toft Hansen>>Raunchy - Grope, Pixie Killers>>Anders Gylanøhr [Anders Gyldenøhr] – Sinphonia, The Downward Candidate>>Dennis Buhl>>The Downward Candidate, SIC – Mordor, Feracity, Mercenary>>MIKE PARK NIELSEN

History & Biography
The Danish thrashers began as Cauterized, switched to Necrosis and settled for Hatesphere. The act signed with the homegrown Serious Entertainment, but switched to Scarlet when the former went bust. Scarlet re-released the band's debut. The follow-up album, Bloodred Hatred, was recorded again with Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studio. A tour with The Haunted followed. Drummer Morten Toft Hansen left Hatesphere in May, 2003 to focus on Raunchy. An EP called Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed And Something Black was issued in December, 2003. Ballet Of The Brute was recorded at Jailhouse and was licensed by Century Media for North America in the summer of 2004.

The band signed to SPV in the autumn of 2004. Vocalist Jacob Bredahl and drummer Stefano Longhi of Scarlet Records formed a band called Allhelluja in late 2004 and recorded a debut album called Inferno Museum. The band's debut for SPV was issued on September, 26th and was called The Sickness Within. This album was issued a year later in America due to label politics. The band was also working on a DVD. A next album, called Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes, was due to be issued by SPV in May of 2007. The band unexpectedly pulled out of the Krisiun and Unleashed North American tour. The group was touring China including an appearance at the Midi Festival in the spring of 2007. Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes was issued in April of 2007. The first edition featured a bonus DVD. The band and vocalist Jacob Bredahl parted ways in late summer of 2007. The band attributed the separation to the singer's inability to give one hundred percent and devote himself. A tour with Dimmu Borgir was cancelled. Guitarist Heinz (a.k.a. Henrik Jacobsen) also left the band reportedly due to a dislike for touring. Jakob Nyholm of Dawn Of Demise and Koldborn joined the group instead. Unknown singer Jonathan 'Joller' Albrechtsen was also picked as the new man fronting Hatesphere. The group’s downward spiral continued next. Bassist Mikael Ehlert Hansen also joined Koldborn. The band was touring Europe with Dismember and Fall Of Serenity. Napalm Records issued To The Nines in March. Tue Madsen produced the album. Hansen was the only member left standing. All others were new to the band. Hatesphere was performing three shows in Turkey in November of 2009. A tour of North America was announced for February and March of 2010 in support of newest album, To The Nines with The Black Dahlia Murder, Obscura and Augury. Unfortunately, drummer Dennis Buhl was quitting the band due to severe back problems and the band was therefore forced to cancel its European tour with Hypocrisy. Ex-Mercenary drummer Mike Park was replacing Buhl. Furthermore, Hatesphere had entered collaboration with Rune Walther from Dream Fire Agency, which from then on would act as the band's management. Even more changes in Hatesphere in 2010! Singer Jonathan "Joller" Albrechtsen left Hatesphere. He was temporarily replaced by Morten "Kruge" Madsen (Mevadio). The band was touring North America with Augury and The Black Dahlia Murder. Numbnuts, featuring new Hatesphere singer Esben "Esse" Hansen, signed a deal with Mighty Music. The band’s debut album, Smokey The Salmon And Horny Mermaids Of Detention, was to be released in August of 2011. The album was produced by Jacob Olsen. Hatesphere would release a new album, The Great Bludgeoning, through Napalm Records at the end of September 2011. The album was produced and mastered by Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick Of It All and Moonspell) at the Antfarm Studio in Aarhus, Denmark. The gang would release its next studio album, Murderlust, on September 27th, 2013 through Massacre Records. The album was recorded at Antfarm Studios in Aarhus. Due to complications of diabetes Hatesphere bassist Jimmy Nedergaard was not participating in the band’s late 2013 European tour with Hypocrisy. Nikolaj Harlis Poulsen from fellow Danes Blood Label would substitute in. Denmark’s Hatesphere would release a new album, called New Hell, on November 20th of 2015 through Massacre Records. The album was recorded in August with producer Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios in Aarhus, Denmark. Hatesphere re-signed with Scarlet Records in 2018 and was recording a new album at Antfarm studio with Tue Madsen. Scarlet issued a 7” EP, called Kapitalismen, prior to Reduced To Flesh.


Ballet Of The Brute is a thrash metal album without deviation. That might disappoint Savatage fans, but the Danes are clearly committed to their art form and bound to please thrashers of the Slayer variety everywhere.
Hatesphere's new album takes the Slayer template to a heavier and chunkier plane complete with aggravated vocals which occasionally veer into Obituary territory. The songs are both mid and fast-paced, although the heaviness is constant. In a sense, Hatesphere is the perfect band for Slayer fans who are ready to take the next step in the voyage of extremity.
Having said that, the Danes could have used a little more variety in their approach. The song could have used a little more personality. That would have been an easier task had the band incorporated more lead guitars into its songs. Furthermore, the experiments with growled harmonies should cease. The band tries just that on Last Cut, Last Head only to prove it to be a rancid idea.
Hatesphere is true to its name. The band is odious, contemptuous and harsh. Look for a couple of unannounced bonus tracks. - Ali "The Metallian"

Hatesphere’s The Sickness Within might have had the biggest release delay in thrash metal history, but it sure was worth the wait. The new album by the Danish five-piece is the definitive thrash metal album of the year. Moving past its blatant Slayer and Exodus influences with this album, Hatesphere’s new one is a crushing nod to all that is thrashing heavy. There is still some Slayer here, but abetted by a killer sound Hatesphere unleashes a thick slab of metal mutha that will make the listener heave in pain. In fact, Hatesphere throws one crushing riff after the other with abandon. The opening riff of Bleed To Death - no kidding - is a prime example. The album’s best song, Reaper Of Life, is all about mid-tempo brutality, while The Coming Of Chaos shows that should the band want to it could incorporate quality leads into its arsenal. In contrast, Heaven Is Ready To Fall skips a beat with its synthesizer background, samples and spoken vocals. Nevertheless, this album is a great buying tip. Hatesphere must crush live. - Ali “The Metallian”

Y'know, every time I listen to a Hatesphere record I'm convinced this band means well. The riffs are thrashy and quick (usually the mark of good albums) and things, generally, seem genuine. But, like the majority of bands out there, Hatesphere is never able to reach beyond the mid-tier, and that is squarely due to its linear, average song writing. At the end of the day, Serpent Smiles And Killer Eyes is just an uninteresting record, one that despite considerably beefing up early The Haunted riffs, fails to really make a mark. The foundation for Hatesphere's success is present - the band just needs to capitalize on said foundation and put together something intriguing and worthwhile. - David Perri

Hatesphere's The Sickness Within is everything the name indicates. The Danes don't need hyperbole or metaphors in lieu of an introduction. The band's fast, brutal and slamming album speaks for itself. The album though was released in Canada and environs a year behind schedule so Ali "The Metallian" got on the telephone to ask the laid-back singer Jacob Bredahl why. A few other subjects were also discussed. - 28.06.2006

METALLIAN: Jacob, Thank you for the chat. Talk to me about The Sickness Within.
JACOB: This album was written between tours, on tour and in a very short time. It is the fastest album we have ever written. We are better at writing songs now. We did four albums and two EPs in four years, which is a lot. It is like table tennis. The more you do it, the better you get at it! We have also played many shows so it is a natural development for us.

METALLIAN: The obvious question though is why has the album taken a year to be released following its European appearance. Even the disc itself pinpoints an October of 2005 release schedule for The Sickness Within.
JACOB: Politics... bullshit between the European office and the US office. The album was released last September in Europe and is released in America now. It is so stupid. I am not pissed off, but I am a little frustrated. It is not new for us anymore. I am sitting here talking to you about an album that was released a year ago. It seems a bit stupid. There were some problems... yeah, label politics, bla bla bla bullshit.

METALLIAN: OK, let me tell you my guess about what transpired and then you can either confirm or deny my theory. The European office probably intended to see the album issued in North America, but was told by the American office that Hatesphere is not a big name and will not sell too many albums in North America.
JACOB: That may be one of the reasons too, but the problem was that the US office wanted to sell the album cheaply. They were discussing that a lot. The Head office in Germany wanted to price The Sickness Within higher, but the American office wanted it as cheap as possible because no one would buy the shit. Maybe what you said is one of the reasons too. I don't know.

METALLIAN: You guys changed labels from Scarlet to SPV prior to The Sickness Within. How are you finding SPV so far?
JACOB: Yes, we did. Since changing everything has been good except for this American release issue. We have nothing to complain about at all. We are pretty happy right now.

METALLIAN: It seems that with this album you guys have found your own footing, as there are fewer instances that could be directly compared to influences such as Slayer.
JACOB: Well, every album we do we get closer to what is our sound and style. I don't think 2004's Ballet Of The Brute is too close to Slayer and Exodus. I know many people said that, but I cannot hear it that much. I thought that album was something unique. It was a little evil and a little darker and heavier than most. That is just my opinion.
The Sickness Within absolutely has more of our own sound. I agree with that because it is a natural process. With bands nowadays there is always a labeling process going on. Everyone gets compared to whatever other band because it is difficult to just tell people that 'this band is heavy' and 'that band plays very heavy music and buy it.' That is just how it is.

METALLIAN: What about the album's sound? It comes across as thick and heavy.
JACOB: Er, I am probably not as satisfied as you are (laughs). I wish I were. It doesn't sound bad or anything. I am not embarrassed about it, but I think it could sound better. The drums and the guitars should not be in two different worlds. They need to sound better. That is bad promotion though! For me to say that in an interview sounds like I am telling people not to buy it. I think some stuff could be better, but it sounds great so that's OK.

METALLIAN: Why don't you say a few words about the song Reaper Of Life?
JACOB: It is one of the slower songs on the record. There are fast parts in the middle, but the rest is down-to-earth and almost rock music. It is a good song to play live. We love to play it live because it is a good headbanging song. We enjoy it and so does the audience. It is more mid-tempo, but it is still brutal and metal.

METALLIAN: What about the song Bleed To Death?
JACOB: That was actually done in the studio in the last days. We were not supposed to record it. We just had a few riffs and had two hours left so instead of going home we recorded the riffs to see if we can put it together! It was strange, but cool. We did the lyrics last minute too. It is also one of those songs that is a little different. In my books it sounds like Entombed's style.

METALLIAN: You guys aren't much using lead guitars, although the one on The Coming Of Chaos is impressive.
JACOB: We actually never talk about it. We are not the kind of a band that discusses plans or how a song should sound. We just create things we like. If a solo fits then fine if not then it doesn't. We have, I think, six leads on the album. We always have had solos. It is just that sometimes we have more and sometimes less.
Marked By Darkness has a solo by Steve Smyth of Nevermore. We met him when he played with Testament. He is a fan of the band and a really cool guy. I asked him whether he would play a solo for us and he said he would be honoured. It was an honour for us so we are happy. We also asked if Nevermore's Jeff Loomis could play too and have a dual-guitar run there with Steve. Unfortunately, Jeff couldn't make it.

METALLIAN: In your opinion, do bands invite guests to play on their albums as a form of marketing in order to sell more records or is it purely a question of artistic pleasure?
JACOB: Well, both. I think for many smaller bands it is good to have someone guest on their albums. You get more attention because of the appearance of somebody famous. In our case, the solo by Steve Smyth won't help us sell albums. It would help if we had someone from Korn to come on!

Thankfully Jacob, guitarists Henrick Jacobsen and Peter Lyse Hansen, bassist Mikael Ehlert and drummer Anders Gyldenøhr did not (and hopefully never will) invite a mallcore flusy on the album. This is thrash metal of the finest degree, which could be heard via the new album that is finally available on both sides of the Atlantic. Visit for information.

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