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Fox Twat, Hemorrhoid In Cambodia, Moronic Reducer, Undead Kennedys>>DUKEY FLYSWATTER [MICHAEL D. SONYE]>>Fox Twat, Hemorrhoid In Cambodia, Moronic Reducer, Undead Kennedys

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History & Biography
Haunted Garage was a late-80's/early 90's designer shock rock band courtesy of movie actor/director Sonye (Commando Squad, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers, etc.). The band's claim to fame was its shows which, were designed to represent horror settings. The act was active between 1985 and 1993. The band's frontman was in several cover bands next. The band was reformed for a brief period, albeit with a new lineup, in 2000. Of course, nothing transpired until the next reformation in 2013, which ended by the grace of the big bad pandemic. The band was Sonye, guitarists Satan (Andy Chavez) and Erik E. Wrath (Eric Erath), bassist Deathro Tull (Pat Rowan) and The Beaver (Brian Beaver) on drums. During this tenure the band had a 2016 demo called Slenderman And Other Strange Tales. The members, aside from the singer, were all new. There was a pause in activities during this period when the singer had surgery to remove a tumor from his eye. This was real and not a horror gimmick apparently.

The band can be heard on the movie Nightmare Sisters in 1987. Sonye was an actor in the film. The band was also heard in the The Dead Hate The Living! and Night Of The Demons films. A documentary about the act called The Life And Slimes Of Dukey Flyswatter was projected as of 2021. It was being directed by Kevin Vonesper, a member of the punk rock puppet show band Green Jelly.



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