Chaos>>HAVOC - USA

The Grip - 1985 - Auburn

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David Hughes


Matt Hodges>>Tom Foolery

Jeff Gfroerer

History & Biography
Guitarists Frank Rodriguez and Mike Elwood, singer Kevin Mahoney and drummer Jeff Gefroerer all met at St. Francis High School in Mountain View, California in 1982 as soon Chaos and soon began playing cover versions. The band was playing shows at Palo Alto, Berkeley, San Francisco and Monterey next. The name changed in 1983. The quintet had a six-song demo in 1984. Dennis and Phil from Midwest Militia Magazine connected the band with Bill Peters from Auburn Records. Kevin Mahoney (later in the band Sane) was replaced with Dave Hughes. The band's sole album was released by Ohio-based Auburn Records at the tail end of 1985 and the band opened for Metallica, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Steeler, Armored Saint and others.

Havoc was an American band whose musical style could be discerned by listing song titles like Bullets and Thrasher. The band was active between 1982 and 1988. There were 2 demos towards the end. By the time the group disbanded the line-up had seen changes on drums, vocals and bass. There were two reunion shows in San Jose, California in the early ‘90s.

Heaven and Hell Records was re-issuing Havoc recordings from the ‘80s for the first time ever on CD. They were all re-mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Studio and re-packaged with new artwork by Steve Cobb, full lyrics and never before seen photos. The pressing was limited to 500.