HAVOC MASS>>God Complex - USA

Killing The Future - 1993 - Massacre

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S= Last Rites>>RAY WALLACE>>Inhuman

G= Last Rites>>ANDY WALLACE>>Inhuman

B= Last Rites>>RAY WALLACE>>Inhuman

D= Razor, Nasty Savage>>CURT BEESON>>Low Brow, Denial Fiend, Massacre, Singod

History & Biography
Havoc Mass was the union of the Wallace brothers (formerly of Last Rites) Curtis Beeson of Nasty Savage. There were reports that Nasty Savage's Ben Meyer had also joined the band.
The Floridans issued a demo called In Extremities in 1991 and obtained a contract with Massacre Records. The band's sole album was issued in Europe in 1993 and featured nine thrash metal songs.
The band metamorphosed into God Complex before all concerned moved on to other acts. Meyer inevitably joined a resurrected Nasty Savage after the turn of the century.



Havoc Mass