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Hawkwind - 1970 - Liberty
In Search Of Space - 1971 - United Artists
Doremi Fasol Latido - 1972 - United Artists
The Space Ritual - 1973 - United Artists
Hall Of The Mountain Grill - 1974 - United Artists
Warrior On The Edge Of Time - 1975 - United Artists
Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music - 1976 - United Artists
Quark, Strangeness & Charm - 1977 - Charisma
25 Years On - 1978 - Charisma
PXR5 - 1979 - Charisma
Live Seventy Nine - 1980 - Bronze
Levitation - 1980 - Bronze
Sonic Attack - 1981 - RCA
Friends And Relations - 1982 – RCA
Church Of Hawkwind – 1982 - RCA
Choose Your Masques - 1982 - RCA
Zones - 1983 - Flicknife
This Is Hawkwind... Do Not Panic - 1984 - Flicknife
Independent Days - 1984 - Flicknife
Welcome To The Future - 1985 - Mausoleum
Utopia - 1985 - Mausoleum
The Chronicle Of The Black Sword - 1985 - Flicknife
Live Chronicles - 1986 - Roadrunner
Out And Intake - 1987 - Flicknife
British Tribal Music - 1987 - Start
The Xenon Codex - 1988 - Roadrunner
Space Bandits - 1990 - Roadrunner
Palace Springs - 1991 - Roadrunner
Electric Tepee - 1992 - Essential
It Is The Business Of The Future To Be Dangerous - 1993 - Castle
The Business Trip - 1994 - Emergency Broadcast System
Alien 4 - 1995 - Emergency Broadcast System
Silver Machine - 1995 – Karussel
White Zone – 1995 - Emergency Broadcast System
Alien 4 – 1995 - Emergency Broadcast System
California Brainstorm - 1995 - Cyclops
Love In Space - 1996 - Emergency Broadcast System
The '1999' Party - Live At The Chicago Auditorium - 1997 - EMI
The Ambient Anarchists - 1997 - Snapper
Distant Horizons - 1997 - Emergency Broadcast System
In Your Area - 1999 - Griffin
Spacebrock - 2000 - Hawkwind
Yule Ritual - 2001 - Hawkwind
Canterbury Fayre 2001 - 2002 - Voiceprint
Live 1990 - 2002 - Voiceprint
Spaced Out In London - 2004 - Voiceprint
Take Me To Your Leader - 2005 - Voiceprint
Take Me To Your Future - 2006 - Voiceprint
Knights Of Space - 2008 - Vision
Live ’78 - 2009 - Griffin
Blood Of The Earth - 2010 - Eastworld
Onward - 2012 - Eastworld
Stellar Variations – 2012 – Esoteric
The Machine Stops – 2016 - Cherry Red
Into The Woods – 2017 – Cherry Red
At The Roundhouse – 2017 – Cherry Red
Road To Utopia – 2018 – Cherry Red
All Aboard The Skylark – 2019 – Cherry Red
Carnivorous – 2020 – Cherry Red
Stories From Time And Space - 2024 - Plastichead

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History & Biography
Hawkwind is known as one of the quintessential progressive rock acts of all time and is certainly synonymous with space rock. The act's cover art and sleeve design has many an impressed fan. The band was initiated by Brock David and Nik Turner in the mid-‘60s.

The band was quick to establish a reputation for splendid live shows and plain eeriness. The band would veer from poppy to heavy to esoteric seemingly at will.

Space Ritual, only the band's second record, would enter the British album charts. Although the band's debut also featured a single, called Hurry Sundown. In 1971 - and by now half a dozen line-up changes later - the band added fantasy writer Michael Moorcock as an additional singer to the fold. The band added former The Rockin' Vickers’ guitarist, Jimi Hendrix roadie and future Motörhead man Lemmy Kilmister in the same year. It is with this line-up that the English lads scored their biggest hit ever, the revered Silver Machine single. By this time the band is a band of temps, with at least three simultaneous vocalists and two drummers!

Lemmy was soon fired for getting the band into trouble for alleged drug possession upon entering Canada for a string of dates and even more line-up changes ensued. Coincidentally, Motörhead and Hawkwind would end up on the same label later and would both even issue albums called Orgasmatron. The bands shared a manager in Doug Smith. The pivotal Turner would also leave in 1976. Vocalist Bob Calvert died of heart failure in 1988. This singer had had a solo singer while in Hawkwind in the early ‘70s, which featured Lemmy. The band was involuntarily made to operate as Hawklords as a result. 25 Years On was released using this monicker. When the legal dust settled a year later, David and his astromusicians rematerialized the Hawkwind name. Night Of The Hawk was an EP. Angels Of Death was a 1986 compilation. The band played at the returning Reading Festival in 1986. Orgasmatron was a 1992 compilation through Cargo.

Next, the band signed to Bronze Records and even recruited Cream's drummer Ginger Baker for a while. This liaison would last two years. Turner was now part of the band for a year. The ‘90s meant more touring, more festival appearances, more records and a band down to the core of Brock and two or three other musicians. Interestingly, a band dubbed Nik Turner's Hawkwind was also circling the globe then. Emergency Broadcast System is the band's own label. Knights Of Space was a band DVD released in 2008. Onward was the name of the 2012 album by Hawkwind. It was out on April 30th through Eastworld Recordings. It was recorded at Earth Studio.

John Harrison, founding bassist for Hawkwind, died in his sleep on May 26th, 2012. John had been suffering from Huntington disease since 2005. John died at Garden Crest clinic in Los Angeles, California. John would have been 70 on May 28. Stellar Variations was issued under the Hawkwind Light Orchestra monicker. The Machine Stops was a concept album based on a short story. For the Into The Woods tour the group opted to begin its set with an acoustic medley. All Aboard The Skylark was supported through a 15-date UK tour, which included a concert at Royal Albert Hall. Former saxophonist and flute playing member and co-founder Nik Turner died at the age of 82 in November 2022. Hawkwind released an album, entitled Stories From Time And Space, in April 2024. The band was tour to coincide with the release. In the meantime, the band played at the Royal Albert Hall in 2023. The band was touring the UK in April and appearing at Northern Kin Festival in June 2024.

Hawkwind is often cited as an influence by many musicians in the same breath as David Bowie and Pink Floyd.