Parody Of Life - 1991 - Virgin
A Bizarre Gardening Accident - 1992 - Major
Rebirth - 1995 - Major
Parasite Of Society - 2008 - AFM

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Knight Of Demon, Destruction>>SCHMIER [MARCEL SCHIRMER]>>Destruction


Knight Of Demon, Destruction>>SCHMIER [MARCEL SCHIRMER]>>Destruction

Paganini, Avenger, Rage, Running Wild, Mekong Delta, Axel Rudi Pell, Saxon, Stratovarius>>JORG MICHAEL MUSIELAK>>Axel Rudi Pell, Grave Digger, Stratovarius, Saxon

History & Biography
Headhunter, formed using the 'Curse' moniker, was the band of Destruction main man Schmier following his departure from the German fold.

The band gained some momentum in Europe, but not quite enough. In fact, the band was dropped by its label mid-career. More of a following was found in Japan; nevertheless, Schmier seemed more and more occupied by his business venture which happened to be a restaurant. The band was further hampered following a severe injury sustained by Schmuddel in an accident.

A reunited Headhunter issued a new album, which was called Parasite Of Society in April of 2008 through AFM Records.


Headhunter had gone away headhunting for a while and is now back again with nary a new recruit. Destruction and Schmier deserve a lot of respect from metal fans, but there is little raison d’etre for Headhunter in 2008. The delivery and style is a milder variation of Destruction, but it is not wildly different from the singer’s main band. Parasite Of Society is like a thrashier version of the Teutonic metal adopted by many other acts and is a cross between power (the real stuff not the poofy webzine rubbish) and thrash metal with Schmier toning down the harsh vocals only a tad. On the flip side the silly ballad called Remission, the cover of Skid Row’s 18 And Life or Judas Priest’s Rapid Fire and the silly intro and outros are mockable. Why is Schmier doing a gruff imitation of Sebastian Bach?
Worse still are the rhymes and meters in the lyrics. “Welcome to the world of lies, welcome to your death/ You are the chosen one my friend just take a deep breath - Your eyes will see things beyond your trustful believe/ I wrote those lines as a secret warning and to retrieve” or “Seven bridges of hell/ Seven wishes to tell - Seven lifes (sic) it will take/ To realize it's all a fake” are hardly about to win penmanship prizes given their forced rhyming.
Parasite Of Society is not bad really. It doesn’t try to be something it is not. The album does not have a female singer, opera vocals or keyboards. Nevertheless, one would be hard-pressed to see what it does differently, better or notably for it to exist. - Ali “The Metallian”


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