Emotional Overload - 1999 - Gutter
Diseased - 2003 - Wrecking Crew
As Above, So Below – 2008 – Firefield
Synchronicity – 2011 - Firefield
Eyes Of The Guardians – 2022 - MDD

Headshot image
Andy Bruer - Square Waves, Uppercut>>DANIELA KARRER

Deny The Urge>>OLAF DANNEBERG>>Deny The Urge – Devoyd, Drowned, Magna Mortalis, Deny The Urge>>Henrik Osterloh>>Magna Mortalis, Deny The Urge – Deny The Urge>>MAX HUNGER>>Deny The Urge

Steffen Keuchel - Protector, Square Waves>>Matze Gruen – Spheric>>Deny The Urge>>BEN HEBER>>Deny The Urge

Moritz Hoffmeister – Farmer Boys, Unbound>>TILL HARTMANN>>Unbound

History & Biography
Braunschweig thrashers Headshot came into being in 1993. They soon won a local contest and recorded an independent CD called Brain At Risk. This CD had a limited pressing of 1,000. The disc brought the band to the attention of Gutter Records which signed the band. The label, however, was soon experiencing financial difficulty and dropped a number of acts including Headshot.

Diseased was recorded in Berlin. The band now featured Matze formerly of Protector who had joined the band in 1997. The band celebrated its tenth anniversary with a local show. Daniela joined for album number four. The group played a 25th anniversary show in October of 2018 with Space Chaser opening. Max Hunger joined on bass between 2012 and 2019 and then switched to guitar. Ben Heber followed him.

Germany-based thrash metal group Headshot released its newest album Eyes Of The Guardians through MDD Records in November 2022. A digipak in a tin box edition was also available. The band was playing sporadic 2022 shows and was booked for Rock in Rautheim 2023.


Headshot (yeah, never heard of them before either) is indeed a hell of a cool band. The band's brand of Slayer-cum-Bay Area-cum-heavy metal delivery is action packed, diverse, stimulating and drips of commitment to the metal cause. Vocalist Andi hits all the right notes (and all the notes), and Olaf understands that a good metal band not only keeps a solid rhythm, but also throws as many ripping solos as possible at the listener. That is why, in general, fans of '80s metal will appreciate this more than others. Then again, this tight band is simply of appeal to anyone who likes classy and crushing metal. A powerful sound and misanthropic lyrics only complement Headshot's entertaining heavy metal.
Using a sample from a movie as an intro and including a cover version are cliched beyond belief, but in the case of Headshot this writer will forgive all given the enjoyment derived from Diseased. - Ali "The Metallian"