Lightmaker - 2005 - Rivel
Firehouse – 2007 - Rivel

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Green Sleeves, Johannes>>ANDERS JOHANSSON>>Andy's Fire

Green Sleeves, Johannes>>ANDERS JOHANSSON>>Andy's Fire


ANDERS KOLLERFORS>>All For The King, Starbreaker, Heart Healer, Allen/Olzon, Anette Olzon, Narnia

Agape, Jerusalem>>DAN THIBELL>>Jerusalem

History & Biography
The band’s origin goes back to 1989 and the act Johannes. Anders came from Johannes and Green Sleeves (the name was inspired by the Rainbow track, itself a cover version) and recruited his friend Dan. Come Back Home was a 1990 demo. The band went from being a solo outing to a formal group at this point. The band played concerts in mainland Europe. The act went on hiatus in 1999.

Heartcry was a white metal band from Sweden. The band's debut was issued in early 2005 and was produced at the in-house Vital Music Studio, Sweden by Andy Johnson. Vital was Anders’ studio. Firehouse contained a mix of old and newer songs.


The most notable thing about Heartcry's Lightmaker is how close Anders Johansson's voice is to that of Dan Dark, the singer for Sweden's '80s metallers Torch. Heartcry very soon gained my respect given how Torch's Warlock LP has always been one of my favourite albums. The vocal similarities become immediately apparent with the album's opener, Battleground. This is a great heavy metal song with a fine melody, solid backbone and superb soloing. The spirit of real metal is apparently alive and even the backing keyboards can't damage this song. Burn Out is slower, but delivers a good and genuine hard rock feeling with good vocals. After a deliberately false start it is off to the catchy melody and hardened rhythm of Runaway Train with its similarity to British Steel era Judas Priest. The song's steady rhythm section and adventurous guitars again cut like a knife. The title track is probably the white metallers' best song ("...I'm Forever A Man Of God") and also the closest Heartcry gets to Torch. Johansson's scratchy and nasal voice alternates with quiet and slow moments. Get ready is up next and kicks off with a danceable beat and a rhythm reminiscent of Deep Purple. The boogie-like feel continues within this commercial song until the end. A few slower songs towards the end are less appealing, although Child has a cool rhythm and nice backing vocals and Dark Side features the main riff from Kiss' I Was Made For Loving You. Hard and heavy fans of a vintage nature will be pleasantly surprised by Lightmaker. - Ali "The Metallian"