Satan’s Lawyer>>HEAVENLY - FRANCE

Coming From The Sky - 2000 - Noise
Sign Of The Winner - 2001 - Noise
Dust To Dust - 2004 - Sanctuary
Virus - 2007 - AFM
Carpe Diem - 2009 - AFM

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History & Biography
Paris' Heavenly was formed in Paris in 1994 by Pilo and Sotto using the Satan's Lawyer monicker. The band ditched its cover songs and recorded a demo tape featuring the songs Miracle, Riding Through Hell and Million Ways. The band signed with Germany's Noise Records for five albums, but not before losing guitarist Anthony Parker.

Coming From The Sky was recorded in Germany by Iron Savior's Piet Sielck at Horus Sound Studio. An appearance at France's Hard Rock Festival and a tour with label-mates Stratovarius and Silent Force followed. Incidentally, Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson would join Timo Tolkki's (Stratovarius) Infinite Visions, In the meantime, Laurent Jean would depart at this point. Sign Of The Winner was produced by Tommy Hansen. Leclercq, who had originally joined the band on keyboard, became the band's new guitarist. Album number three would appear at the beginning of 2004 on Sanctuary Music, the new owner of Noise Records. A tour of Europe with After Forever and Nightmare is announced, but soon cancelled. The band had also cancelled a tour with Nightmare in 2002.

Surprising news came in the spring of 2004 when guitarist Frédéric Leclercq, bassist Pierre-Emmanuel Pelisson and drummer Maxence Pilo left the fold and immediately formed another act! A new album emerged in January of 2007 featuring four new members. France’s Heavenly announced it will release a new album, Carpe Diem, on December 18th, 2009 through AFM Records. The group began pre-production for a new album in 2020. The band climbed the stage again after a long absence at Alp River Rock in July 2023.


Heavenly, from France, delivers its second album here and leaves no doubt regarding its influences which are well within the Helloween, Gamma Ray et al range. The sound is very good (courtesy of producer Tommy Hansen) and the ten tracks are certainly no loser for the attention of the genre's fans. Where I balk at recommending Heavenly though is the derivative and diluted nature of its music. While no keyboardist is listed, Sign Of The Winner is awash in keyboards. Once considered taboo in the metal realm, keyboards have completed rained on metal with every second band fulfilling its Depeche Mode fantasies now in open public. Pity for Heavenly is a capable band; it's just that bands with six minute intros, multi-layer keyboards and synthesizers are as abundant as 1001 Finnish bands. - Ali "The Metallian"

Virus is an album that has been especially awaited by the fans of the French power metal band Heavenly due to the line-up changes within the ranks. Virus is a darn good album until the typically clichéd keyboards begin to wash over the sound. Vocalist Ben Sotto delivers great vocals with an impressive range and the lead guitars express the meaning behind soaring solos. Why then the band messes around with synthesizers is a mystery unless the answer is nothing more or less than trends and a lack of sophistication within the ranks. Pity. Also of concern is the 'clicky' drum sound.
On occasions Virus sounded too close to Freedom Call - and not simply because both bands claim to serve the power metal master - while at others Heavenly indicated that it can provide its own music. Check out the song Wasted Time, which proves Heavenly, has what it takes to be metal, real metal, were it not for the weakening elements. As if to prove the band’s ultimate allegiance though the album comes near to a close with a cover of When the Rain Begins To Fall originally performed by Pia Zadora and Jermaine Jackson. - Anna Tergel