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In Control - 1988 - No Remorse
Livin' In Hysteria - 1991 - Steamhammer
Hell For Sale! - 1992 - SPV
Live For Sale - Live In Japan - 1993 - SPV
Planet E. - 1996 - SPV
Menergy - 1999 - SPV

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SASCHA PAETH>>Luca Turilli, Trillium, Redkey, Aina, Virgo, Avantasia - BONNIE BILSKI

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History & Biography
The German heavy metal band out of Wolfsburg was formed in 1987 using the name Carrion. The founders were also former Steeltower members. The name, however, was soon changed to Heaven's Gate - a favourite movie of the band. The band added guitarist Paeth (replacing Ingo Millek) and signed with the German speed/thrash label No Remorse. In Control was issued in 1988. It was produced by Frank Bornemann and Tommy Hansen (Victory, Pretty Maids, etc.). The five supported W.A.S.P. in the same year and issued an EP called Open The Gate... And Watch in 1999.

No Remorse would soon go out of business however and the band would switch over to Steamhammer/SPV. The first result of the co-operation was 1991's Livin' In Hysteria. Manni Jordan would depart in 1996, but not before Heaven's Gate supported Dream Theater in Germany. His replacement oddly was Hunecke, a former drummer.

Rettke, Paeth and Hunecke-Rizzo worked together again for the rock opera Aina in 2003. No wonder several members world work for Avantasia as well.

Heaven's Gate was more popular in Japan than at home. The band wrote music for an anti-narcotics film in the mid-‘90s. Paeth became a music producer. For instance, Kamelot’s The Fourth Legacy was produced by Sascha Paeth at Gate Studio in Wolfsburg in Germany and Robert Hunecke-Rizzo contributed drums. In 2006, Paeth played with and appeared on Kamelot: One Cold Winter's Night. In 2009, Paeth was the musical coordinator for dog porn film Porndogs: The Adventures Of Sadie.



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