Lord Of The Sky - 1998 - Elevate
The Temple Of Theil - 1999 - Elevate
The Almighty - 2002 - Scarlet
Hard As Iron - 2004 - Scarlet
Aeneid - 2013 - Scarlet
Hephaestus - 2023 - Pride & Joy

Heimdall image
S= Claudio Gallo - Giacomo Mercaldo - The Opera, Acacia>>GANDOLFO FERRO>>Acacia
G= Electrocution, Savior From Anger, From Depths>>FABIO CALLOURI>>Electrocution, Savior From Anger, From Depths - CARMELO CLAPS
D= Electrocution, From Depths>>Nicola Calluori>>Electrocution, From Depths - Lost Innocence>>Ottavio Amato - Electrocution, From Depths>>NICOLA CALLUORI
K= Sergio Duccillo

Heimdall is the Norse god of light and a band from Salerno, Italy. The group was formed in 1994 by the Callouri brothers. A demo called Heimdall - demo '97 soon appeared. Heimdall obtained a deal with Elevate Records and issued its debut in the spring of 1998. With the line-up enlarged through the addition of Sergio Ducilli on keyboards, Heimdall went on tour with Labyrinth. The Temple of Teil was issued in the autumn of 1999.

The band plays a European brand of hard rock and has a following in Japan.

Singer Gallo left following the release of The Temple Of Theil after a falling out within the act.

Heimdall would then sign to Scarlet Records with frontman Mercaldo who was previously in a cover band. Drummer Calluori would also return to the band. The band split up in 2007, but returned in 2011. A new record came in 2013.

The 2023 album was on a new label.