Jormundgand - 1995 - Solistitium Records
Av Norrøn Ætt - 1997 - Solistitium Records
Blod og Ild - 2000 - Ars Metalli
Yersinia Pestis - 2003 - Massacre
The Journeys And The Experiences Of Death - 2006 - Dark Essence
Kaoskult - 2008 - Dark Essence
Heiðindómr Ok Mótgangr – 2011 – Dark Essence


S= Vanargandr - HRIMGRIMMIR
G= HRIMGRIMMIR - Thorbjoern - Syrach>>REICHBORN
B= Aeternus, 1349, Red Harvest>>VANARGANDR>>Aeternus, 1349, Red Harvest
K= Syrach>>Hrymr [Frode Rødsjø]>>Syrach - LINDHEIM [LARS SKULSTAD]


The Bergen, Norway-based Helheim was hammered together in 1992 by Vanargandr and Hrimgrimnir. The immediate demo Helheim featured Hrymr and Nidhogg. The latter soon left the band. Another demo called Nidr Ok Nord Liggt Helvegr was taped in 1994 which lead to a deal with Solistitium Records.

The line-up entered Grieghallen Studio (Enslaved, etc.) and recorded its debut called Jormundgand. This was issued in 1995, while the follow-up Av Norrøn Ætt was issued in 1997. Keyboardist Lindheim and second guitarist Thorbjørn joined Helheim in 1999 for the Terrorveldet EP.

Next up the band signed with Ars Metalli Records in Germany. The result was the Blod Og Ild CD. The band lost contact with the label and in 2003 signed with yet another German label, Massacre Records. An EP called Helsviti and a full-length called Yersinia Pestis both appeared in 2003. Furthermore, Vanargandr toured Europe with Aeternus, 1349 and Red Harvest. Helheim also announced that the title of the next Helheim album will be The Journeys And The Experiences Of Death. It was to be a concept album dealing with the death cults of the Norse mythology. Helheim’s Heiðindómr Ok Mótgangr was out in the spring of 2011.

This Bergen band is not to be confused with the other Norwegian Helheim (featuring Jon, Zeb and Zorn). Helheim is the home of Hel. Hel is a Norse goddess and the daughter of Loke.