Heading For Internal Darkness - 1988 - Meantime
Natural Order - 1990 - Earache
The Need To Kill – 2009 – Civilisation
Feral – 2015 - PATAC

Hellbastard image
The Apostles, Nero Circus>>MALCOLM M.S. 'SCRUFFY' LEWTY>>Nero Circus

The Apostles, Nero Circus>>MALCOLM M.S. 'SCRUFFY' LEWTY>>Nero Circus - Ali Lee – Layman's Terms, Ignominious Incarceration, Incarnadine>>Danny Guy>>Incarnadine, Layman's Terms, Finisher - Pete Salvage

Scotty [Ian Scott]>>Senile Decay, Hellkrusher - Drew Wright>>Mantas – Gianluca Ait - Laine Pearce-Rees

Brian Newton>>Nero Circus - Energetic Krusher, Reign>>Martin Harrison>>Hellkrusher, Fist - Nathan Ellis, The Fiend

History & Biography
Hellbastard was a noisy band with a bunch of crusty/political songs in the late ‘80s. The group dated back to late 1984. The band's demo tape was called Hate Militia and appeared in 1987. The demo appeared on 2000’s The Good Go First...Hate Militia LP. The band signed to Earache without much luck. Newton left following the album. A sampler of the band's earlier material appeared in the mid-‘90s and was called Ripper Crust. The 12”’s name coincided with the band’s demo of 1986 making the English one of the first to use the term ‘crust.’

The band reformed several years later and issued a compilation album called In Grind We Crust. Like every other Hellbastard release, 2009’s The Need To Kill included a number of older songs. Hellbastard and Los Angeles’ Resistant Culture announced a tour of the USA for September of 2009. Hellbastard signed with Poland's Selfmadegod Records. The label re-issued The Need To Kill, as well as the new Eco-War EP, which was due in October. Eco-war recycled old 1986 demo songs. Hellbastard’s Of Bitches EP, due on vinyl through PATAC Records, featured a re-recorded version of 1988's We Had Evidence from the band's Heading For Internal Darkness full-length.

Hellbastard would release Feral, a new full-length, in July 2015 through PATAC Records. The intro piece, In Praise Of Bast, featured the keyboard work of Andy "A-. Droid" Wiggins (ex-Amebix). Hellbastard was touring the USA commencing in Austin, Texas at The Lost Well on February 18th of 2016. The band would play nine shows. Support will be provided by Warwound and Nerve Damage. The band once again featured a whole new line-up aside from Scruffy. The name of a 2020 compilation was Genocidal Crust... The Demos 1986 – 1987. Un-natural Order (Rough Mixes 1989) & Rare Bonus Material arrived in 2021. Danny guy returned in 2021. The band independently issued a demo called More Darkness... in 2022. It featured live recordings from the 1980s.