The Call Of Megiddo - 2002 - Conquer
Legacy Of The Nephilim - 2003 - Conquer
Cursed Infernal Steel - 2006 - Conquer
Natas Liah – 2020 - Odium

Hell-Born image
Behemoth, Damnation>>LES>>Damnation - Behemoth, Damnation>>BAAL RAVENLOCK>>Damnation - JEFF

Behemoth, Damnation>>LES>>Damnation – Damnation>>Jeff [Jacek Kubiak]


Devilyn, Spinal Cord>>Bastek>>Devilyn, Spinal Cord - Grin, Noizzer, Ghost>>Chris Maly - Anima Damnata, Mord, Devilpriest>>Necrolucas [Lucasz Boguszewicz]>>Anima Damnata, Mord, Devilpriest – Moloch Letalis, Moloch, Mordhell, Distress, Goathrone, Cuntfuck, Freezing Blood, Morbid Winds>>DIABOLIZER [ROBERT POWALA]>>Moloch Letalis, Mordhell, Distress, Goathrone, Cuntfuck, Morbid Winds

History & Biography
Hell-Born is an extreme Polish metal band, which follows its countrymen's pattern of having members from several different bands. Hell-born kicked off its name-recognition campaign off with a 1986 EP called Hell-born for Pagan Records before graduating to full-length albums. The band was formed in 1995 and recorded its said EP at Warrior Studio. With Les being busy in Behemoth, the band went into hiatus and was only resurrected in 2001. A comeback demo called Hellblast was issued jointly by Pagan and Conquer Records and the band began issuing CDs through Conquer Records. Bastek left at the end of 2002 ostensibly because he lived too far from the other members.

The band has toured in Europe with Vader and even hit North America.

The band's Cursed Infernal Steel album was recorded at Hertz Studio and out through Conquer Records in early 2006. The band’s Legacy Of The Nephilim was also issued in America by Ibex Moon Records. Hell-Born was back and issued an album called Natas Liah through Odium Records in 2020. Hell-Born had a lyric video for the single Blakk Metal, which featured Behemoth‘s Nergal.