Where The Conflict Reaches - 1994 - Ritual
Circulating Contradiction - 1997 - Howling Bull
Bareskin - 1999 - Ritual
Wish - 2001 - Ritual

Hellchild image
Force>>Harakawa Tsukasa>>Force, From Hell, Swarrrm

Force, Wiggle, アイアイバンチ>>SUZUKI EIICHIRO>>Force, Wiggle, アイアイバンチ

Arai Masanori - Necrophile>>Matsunaga Kenichi - Final Count, Sleepers>>Satoo Yasuo>>Sleepers, From Hell

Naito Satoru>>From Hell, Sleepers, ゾスキア - 五人一首>>Harashima Junichi>>五人一首, Sigh, アイアイバンチ

History & Biography
Hellchild was born in 1987 by singer Hosono Takamasa, guitarist Suzuki, drummer Naito and a bassist. The band very soon issued a demo and began playing shows.

Another demo called The Omen appeared in 1988. Hellchild was joined by vocalist Harakawa in 1990 and Arai became the band's latest bassist. Another demo was to follow. A split flexi-single with Gigatic Khmer called Maniac Psycho Abyss was released in 1991. This was followed by the In A Sense Of Sin demo. The band issued a mini-album called ...To The Eden in 1992 on Ritual Records. The EP helped establish the band within the Japanese death metal scene.

A couple of compilation appearances followed and Arai left only to be replaced by a former Necrophile guitarist. This line-up toured with Multiplex in Japan and released a debut CD. Hellchild was soon chosen as openers for Caracass on Japan and also played select shows in America. At the end of '90s the band's original drummer was replaced by Junichi Harashima.
Bareskin was supported through a European tour. Hellchild, and fellow Japanese band Yellow Machinegun, returned to the USA in 2000 and even played at the Milwaukee Metalfest. Wish was recorded at Sharkbite Studio in San Francisco with producer Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Brutal Truth, etc.). The act broke up in 2001.

Hellchild has also appeared on numerous split-releases with Gomorrha, Converge, Multiplex and Bongzilla among others. Satoo died in 2004.

The act may be from Japan, but the motions are not any different than Western ones. The group reformed with Naito and Suzuki in 2015. Bassist was called Kyo and the singer was Kazuo. There was a compilation. Hosono Takamasa died in 2020. The band opened for Shellshock in late 2021.