Canonisation Of The Foul Spirit - 2005 - Total Holocaust
Last Station On The Road To Death - 2010 - Debemur Morti

S= Malicious Secrets, Gestapo 666, Mütiilation, Sektemtum>>MEYHNACH>>Sektemtum
G= Deviant, Temple Of Baal>>ARKDAEMON>>Temple Of Baal - Epic, Love Lies Bleeding, Goatlord Corp., Arkhon Infaustus>>T. PERSECUTOR [GUILLAUME WARREN]>>Goatlord Corp., Arkhon Infaustus
B= Antaeus, Epic, Secrets Of The Moon, Vorkreist>>HELLSUKKUBUS [MARIANNE]>>Vorkreist, Secrets Of The Moon
D= Vorkreist>>DAVE TERROR>>Vorkreist

The Paris, France group was formed in 2001. The band issued a split release with Antaeus, Eternal Majesty and Deviant in the same year. The Second rehearsal appeared in 2003. It took another two years, but the band was off to infrequently released full-lengths. French black metal band Hell Militia signed a deal with Season Of Mist in 2012. The band would release its third album in late 2012 through Season Of Mist's Underground Activist division.



Hell Militia