Mythical Beasts And Medieval Warfare - 2000 - Demolition

Heresiarh image
S= Alfheim, Dark Reign>>MORGUELDAR DRAGONSEVE [JĀNIS BALODIS]>>Alfheim, Urskumug, Hypnopython - Neglected Fields>>RASA [SANDRA]

G= Dark Reign>>BURIAL JESTER - Dark Reign>>MOURN MAJESTY [ĢIRTS KĻAVIŅŠ]>>Skyforger, Malduguns

B= Alfheim>>HATER>>Alfheim

D= Dark Reign, Blizzard, Skyforger>>KALADUN [EDGARS KRŪMIŅŠ]>>Blizzard, Skyforger, Auļi


History & Biography
Heresiarh was formed by members of two Latvian bands, Alfheim and Dark Reign, in 1997. These two bands shared members as well. Dark Reign was founded in 1994 and fell apart amidst acrimony between the members and its leader, Warpath. Alfheim was renamed Blizzard and Kaladun helped out on drums.

Burial Jester picked the Heresiarh monicker. The band was fronted by opera singer Rasa, while Morguelder complemented her with male vocals. The band had a fantasy and dragon theme to it and called its music 'Romantic Dragon Metal.' Prior to the full-length, Heresiarh had a 1998 demo called Dragons Of War. This was distributed by Morgueldar's Elven Witchcraft distro. This demo was attributed to the water element. The album was attributed to the earth element. The group intended to relate its releases to all the elements overtime.

The band had earlier signed with Invasion Records of Germany, but that label soon went broke. Kaladun and Burial Jester are brothers.