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S= Third Degree>>DR. HARSH [CZARNY]>>Third Degree

G= Antigama>>DR. MABUSE [Sebastian Rokicki]>>Antigama

B= Third Degree>>MR. PUTREFIED SOYA [FAZI]>>Third Degree

D= Antigama>>BLASTARD [Krzysztof Bentkowski]>>Antigama

History & Biography
Herman Rarebell is not only a German drummer and band, but also the project of several Antigama and Third Degree members. When these two bands played together in 2003 at the Grind Manifesto 2003, four guys banded together for a grindcore side-project. This band recorded in December of 2003 and appeared alongside the mother bands on a three-way split CD called The World Will Fall Soon And We All Will Die. The band re-entered the studio in December of 2005 and recorded the MCD Too Late For Peace for Selfmadegod Recordswith producer Szymon Czech.


Fifteen tracks, eighteen minutes, three cover versions... you got that right. It’s grindcore. Sure, Poland’s Herman Rarebell (no relation to the German drummer, promise!) is blasting furious and rockets as only grind bands can, but it comes with all the trappings of the genre that have become stereotypical and hence boring. There might be two doctors in the band, which might also explain the presence of soy, but humourous grindcore bands outnumber their serious brethren by 9-1 already. The band’s musical delivery might be quite serious; then how to explain the recording of three cover versions by the side-project? Sad to say, but Herman Rarebell also suffers from a hollow and light drum sound. Now the real Herman Rarebell would never make that mistake. Despite all that Too Late For Peace... is harsh and bestial. It is just that a little more original substance would have gone a long way. - Ali “The Metallian”


Herman Rarebell