Manninya Blade>>HEXENHAUS - SWEDEN

A Tribute To Insanity - 1988 - Active
The Edge Of Eternity - 1990 - Active
Awakening - 1991 - Active
Deja Voodoo - 1997 - Black Mark

Hexenhaus image
S= Nick Johansson - Hatred, Damien>>TOMMIE AGRIPPA [TOMAS LUNDIN]

G= Damien>>Rick Meister [Andreas Palm] - Witch, Candlemass>>MIKE WEAD [MIKAEL VIKSTROM]>>Momento Mori, Abstrakt Algebra, Mercyful Fate, King Diamond, Hemisfear, Probulator, Bibleblack - MARCO NICOSIA>>Fifth Reason, Hemisfear, Seventh Key

B= Blomman [Jan Blomqvist]>>Manninya Blade - Damien, Nagasaki>>Marty Marteen [Marten Sandberg]>>Momento Mori - Mezzrow>>CONNY WALLIN

D= Ralph Ryden - Parasite>>JOHN BILLERHAG

History & Biography
The Swedish witches' house was originally called Manninya Blade and enjoyed a good following on the metal scene. The new name was adopted in 1987. Singer Johansson and bassist Jan played on the debut. The band was lead by former Candlemass man Wead. The band was only joined by former Damien man Marteen for its second album. Nicosia and John Billerhag joined in time for the third album.

Despite incessant line-up changes, partly due to the reformation of Manninya Blade, the band returned for one more round in 1997 through Black Mark Production. This album saw the band drift into a more progressive unit. Wead and Nicosia would unite in Hemisfear. Wead would join Probulator in 2007. Also in the band was the singer of black metal band Nattas.