Spectral Magnitude - 2002 - Red Stream
Alexisstar Morphalite - 2005 - Red Stream
Dead Land Energy – 2011 – Red Stream

Hidden image
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History & Biography
This band insisted on complete anonymity and did not wish any information revealed regarding its membership. The band called its style, 'Dismal Astral Death Metal' and had an album with an image to match. Membership was revealed soon and fans found out who was in the band. Pat McCahan owned Red Stream. Joel DiPietro died in 2015.


Here is something different. Hidden is a band which prefers to stay, well, hidden and 'does not want their origin or any personal band information revealed.' That's quite a change from the usual interview-hounding that goes on. 'Any inquiries should be directed to Red Stream which will be forwarded to the band [reply is not guaranteed].' Sales apparently is not a major concern for the band. Which tells me the act's main project already occupies enough of the members' time. Hidden is a thoroughly underground act with the riffs of both a thrash and doom band. They sway between fast and slow material and the singer grunts akin to his ancestors at the dawn of mankind. Lyrically (the band is described as Astral Metal) the album is a concept pertaining to time and cosmos. Titles like Formation Of The Universe and Supercluster speak for themselves even if are reminiscent of DBC. One note of interest is how the cover art by J P Fournier resembles the one done by the same artist for Rain's Starlight Extinction CD. Hidden's debut album is for the subterranean inhabitant who longs to gaze at the sky.

Hidden continues to conceal itself within the shroud of anonymity, but disguising the band's paltry non-music is another matter. To call a spade a spade, Hidden should have stayed just that. The world is overrun by so many bands that to sign yet another is almost tantamount to legal wrongdoing. Furthermore, to conjure up another side-project riding its gimmicky non-presence (not Baphomet Records' first, mind you) as cover for rudimentary songs and lack of riffs or rhythms is the ultimate act of tarnishment towards the heavy metal scene.
Song titles like Hydrodynamic Physics, Deathstar Oblivion and Interplanetary Space Physics And Climatology profess an interest in physics. The hypocrisy is that Physics 101 teaches one that every object occupies space that is ultimately finite. Space that the band's Samael-meets-Anaal Nakrath-meets Katatonia could have yielded to a young band with something to offer. Hidden is not awful, but the simple thrash with droning keyboards, assortment of vocal styles and scarce production can only be considered non-essential. Consider the start of a new environmental movement in metal. - Ali "The Metallian"