Sublime Massacre Corporeo - 2003 - So Die Music
Opus Genitalia - 2006 - Cudgel
Gorefilia - 2012 - Xtreem

S= Carlos – Stuprum Dei>>A.C. [Toka]>>Stuprum Dei
G= Negative Gain>>NUNO P.>>Negative Gain – InThyFlesh, Decrepidemic>>P.G. [EDUARDO FERNANDES]>>Decrepidemic
B= The Anti-Frog Project, Under Fetid Corpses, Stuprum Dei, Dementia 13>>ZE PEDRO>>Under Fetid Corpses, Stuprum Dei, Dementia 13
D= Joao – Ivan Saraiva>>Solid Spectrum, Serrabulho – Sacred Sin, Decrepidemic, Grunt>>D.P. [DIOGO]>>Decrepidemic, Grunt

Holocausto Canibal was the rare Portuguese grindcore band with an inclination towards gore. The act was formed in 1997 and had a demo the year after. The band also had an EP called Gonorreia Visceral in 2000 and a split-CD with Grimness. A split with Grimness called Do The Right Thing/Libido Dispareunia appeared in 2003. Opus Genitalia was issued in 2006, which was a year behind schedule.

Portugal's grinding Holocausto Canibal signed a 2012 deal with Xtreem Music for the release of its next album, Gorefilia. Due in April, the 18-song CD was recorded at 213 Studio in Portugal and mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio. Three members had newly joined Pedro. Holocausto Canibal signed a 2014 contract with Bizarre Leprous Production and issued an EP called Larvas. Toka was no longer in the group.



Holocausto Canibal