Sublime Massacre Corporeo - 2003 - So Die Music
Opus Genitalia - 2006 - Cudgel
Gorefilia - 2012 – Xtreem
No Sleep ‘Til Trutnov – 2016 – Larvae
Catalépsia Necrótica: Gonorreia Visceral Reanimada – 2017 – No Humano
Assintonia Hertziana – 2019 - Lusitanian
Crueza Ferina – 2022 - Selfmadegod

Holocausto Canibal image
Carlos – Stuprum Dei, Serrabulho>>C. Guerra/Toka [Carloe Guerra]>>Stuprum Dei, Serrabulho – Dementia, aDarkPlace, Shadowsphere>>R. ORCA>>aDarkPlace, Shadowsphere

Negative Gain>>Nuno P. [Nuno Pereira]>>Negative Gain, Cape Torment, Tek.Analogy, Happy Farm, Indoctrinate – InThyFlesh, Decrepidemic>>P.G. [Eduardo Fernandes]>>Decrepidemic – Hacksaw, Colosso, The Ominous Circle, Grunt>>A.C. [ANTÓNIO CARVALHO]>>Hacksaw, Colosso, The Ominous Circle, Grunt

The Anti-Frog Project, Under Fetid Corpses, Stuprum Dei, Dementia 13, The Ominous Circle, Grunt>>A.P. [ZE PEDRO]>>Under Fetid Corpses, Stuprum Dei, Dementia 13, The Ominous Circle, Grunt

Joao – Ivan Saraiva>>Solid Spectrum, Serrabulho – Sacred Sin, Decrepidemic, Grunt>>D.P. [DIOGO]>>Decrepidemic, Grunt

History & Biography
Holocausto Canibal was the rare Portuguese grindcore band with an inclination towards gore. The act was formed in 1997 and had a demo the year after. The band also had an EP called Gonorreia Visceral in 2000 and a split-CD with Grimness. A split with Grimness called Do The Right Thing/Libido Dispareunia appeared in 2003. Opus Genitalia was issued in 2006, which was a year behind schedule.

Portugal's grinding Holocausto Canibal signed a 2012 deal with Xtreem Music for the release of its next album, Gorefilia. Due in April, the 18-song CD was recorded at 213 Studio in Portugal and mixed and mastered at Hertz Studio. Three members had newly joined Pedro. Holocausto Canibal signed a 2014 contract with Bizarre Leprous Production and issued an EP called Larvas. Toka was no longer in the group. Three members served on stage with Grunt in 2015. No Sleep ‘Til Trutnov was recorded at the Obscene Extreme festival. The band had a very sexy chick on the cover of Catalépsia Necrótica: Gonorreia Visceral Reanimada. The pattern continued with Assintonia Hertziana, which was a live record taped for a radio show in 2015. R. Orca had taken over the vocals in 2017.

Holocausto Canibal had a new album called Crueza Ferina through Selfmadegod on 27.05.2022. The song Ęxodo Mortuoso features a solo by Immolation man Bob Vigna. The band is Orca – vocals, Z. Pedro – bass, António C. – guitar and Diogo P. – drums.



Holocausto Canibal