Shark Chum>>HOLY TERROR>>Shark Chum - USA

Terror And Submission - 1987 - MFN
Mind Wars - 1988 - MFN

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S= Keith Deen
G= Agent Steel, Shark Chum, Load Levelers, Zeke, El Revengo>>KURT KILFELT [KURT COLFELT]>>Shark Chum, Load Levelers, Zeke, El Revengo - Black Widow>>Mike Alvord>>Solo, Mindwars
B= Thrust>>Floyd Flanary>>Shark Chum
D= Playland>>JOE MITCHELL>>Playland

Holy Terror was a California thrash metal band formed by former Agent Steel guitarist Kurt Kilfelt and later former Dark Angel drummer Jack Schwartz. Alvord was introduced to the rest of the band by Flanary. Deen was recruited through an advertisement in a local paper. A demo was issued in 1986 featuring the tracks Black Plague, Distant Calling and Guardians Of The Netherworld. Schwartz would not last long though. He had taken up position as a band leader which had alientaed the rest of the group. The band's highest profile outing was an opening slot in the USA in 1988 for Kreator and DRI. The band would call it a day soon after Alvord's departure following Mind Wars. Kilfelt, now Colfelt, and Flanary would continue as Shark Chum in Seattle. Flanary was originally from Seattle. In fact, the band had intended to continue in Seattle as Holy Terror, but missed the presence of Keith Deen. Kilfelt would also seek treatment for his drug addiction following his incarceration.

No surprise, the band reformed in 2006 and announced a local Seattle show. The band featured new vocalist Chris Tretton (of Midnight Idols), guitarists Kurt Colfelt and Matt Fox, bassist Jeff Matz and drummer Joe Mitchell.

In 2014, Holy Terror guitarist Mike Alvord was in a new band called Mindwars. It was named after the Mind Wars album of Holy Terror, which was issued in 1988.



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