Horrific Illusion>>HORFIXION - CANADA

Self Inflicted Hell - 2004 - Galy
The Art Of Agony – 2009 - Galy

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G= Dreadful Truth, Ordoxe>>SAMUEL LANDRY>>Dreadful Truth, Ordoxe - Kevin St-Yves – A Perfect Murder>>DOMINIC POISSON

B= Richard Gelinas – Traumatism>>DANY PROVENCHER

D= Martyr>>Patrice Hamelin>>Martyr, Senate, Quo Vadis, Eclipse Prophecy, Gorguts, Beneath The Massacre – Mortalys, Malzera, Eclipse Prophecy>>JEAN FRANCOIS VEILLEUX>>Mortalys, Eclipse Prophecy, Trollheims, Worth Dying For

History & Biography
The band was formed in 1993 by Samuel Landry and Kevin St-Yves as Horrific Illusion. The act specialized in playing thrash metal covers. Live shows began in December, 1996 and the name change soon followed. A demo called Let The Nightmare Begin... was recorded in late 1999 and issued several months later. A Mini-CD called Rage came a year later. The band recorded a full-length called Disynchronize in late 2000. This was followed by Instigators Of Chaos. Before the album drummer Alexandre Noel would leave because of health issues. In the meanwhile, St-Yves returned to the fold. The band signed to the local indie Galy Records and issued its debut in late autumn of 2004. Landry was the sole remaining member from the last album by the time the second was issued.