Black Metal Jesus - 2004 - Infernus Rex
The Devil's Music - Songs Of Death And Damnation - 2006 - Art Of Propaganda
Live Exsanguination - 2007 - Art Of Propaganda
Contaminating The Divine - 2009 - Art Of Propaganda
Necro Spirituals - 2010 - Candlelight

Horned Almighty image
S= Mareridt, Tronraner, Exmortem>>S/SMERTE [SIMON PETERSEN]>>Exmortem
G= Tronraner, Hellsermon, Koldborn, Hell’s Domain>>HELLPIG [BJØRN BIHLET]>>Koldborn, Hell’s Domain – Black Dementia>>Aries [Quentin Nicollet]>>Black Dementia
B= Tronraner>>Hellpig [Bjørn Bihlet] – Exmortem, Koldborn>>Luger [Kim Nielsen]>>Exmortem, Koldborn
D= Black Dementia, Glorior Belli>>HARM>>Black Dementia, Glorior Belli

Aarhus’ black metal subunit Horned Almighty was founded in 2002 by Smerte and Soth/Hellpig of Tronraner. Harm joined a year later replacing a drum machine. Mephistopheles was on bass. After the Hellhordes demo and an EP the group issued a full-length in 2004 courtesy of Infernus Rex out of The Netherlands. Hellpig switched to guitar. Live Exsanguination was a live recording obviously. Contaminating The Divine was recorded with Jacob Bredahl at Smart'n'Hard Studio. The band switched to Candlelight for its 2010 record having signed to the label that February. In early 2014, Horned Almighty was in the studio recording a full-length album, tentatively entitled World Of Tombs. It was to be released later that year. Haxen was on bass now replacing Carnage.



Horned Almighty