...Of Our Souls - 2003 - Anvil

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S= RASH>>Agnosys, Yorblind
G= RASH - Loci Inferni>>Guillaume - SARX
D= David Verbecq>>Anthemon

Horresco Referens, based in Paris, calls its music 'lust metal' and delivers a mix of different metal sub-genres. The band was formed in the mid-'90s, had a demo in 1994 called In Darkness I Grow, a promo tape in 1996 and issued a debut disc called The Cesspit in 1999. The band recruited a new rhythm section, signed to Anvil Corp of France and issued its official debut in 2003. The band was again in the news in 2004 when former drummer Foued Moukid joined The Old Dead Tree in September of 2004. Another ex-member David joined Anthemeon. There was a 2005 EP called Deus Sex Machina and the band disappeared.


The one thing Horresco Referens has going for it is the lyrical concept. ... Of Our Souls tells the tale of a conscious planet by the name of Ahmanem 6. She is perceptive, intelligent and hidden in the cosmos. As such, the long and involved lyrics are presented as one narrative. Having said that, the French metallers have some way to go before becoming an admirable entity. The band is reminiscent of English Dogs, a punk band which had turned metallic at one time. The vocals feigned menace and the solos came often, but without purpose. HR is an updated version of that sound. The vocals make little impact with their punkish snarl, the music just hangs in the air and the clicky drums have next to no power. The band even attempts a My Dying Bride-styled slower dirge on Where Sentiments Live which as any metal fan knows is never a good idea. At 57-minutes this nine-year old French band has a nice package here. The problem is the music's weakness and lack of remarkable elements. - Ali "The Metallian"


Horresco Referens