In The Garden Of Unearthly Delights - 1994 - Black Power
Animal - 1998 - Black Lotus
Deus Diabolus Inversus - 2002 - Black Lotus

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History & Biography
Horrified was conceived in 1989 by singer Gore. The band's first line-up in 1990 comprised of Gore, guitarist Timos, bassist Kostas and drummer Stelios. That line-up issued the demo Prophecy Of Gore in that year. Kostas would leave the band and be replaced by Thanos. This line-up signed to Black Power Records and released a MLP called Eternal God. Timos would leave and be replaced by Stavros. The new line-up issued a 7" called The Ancient Whisper Of Wisdom in 1992 and played shows with Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh and Death Courier.
The band's first full-length was issued in 1994, but the band soon split up with Gore moving to England. As suddenly as the band had disappeared it reformed and released an album in 1998. The album was supported with a show at the Rockwave festival. Black Lotus issued the band's next album in 2002.


I was merely intent on pointing out that two-thirds of this Greek trio look like they just came out of the Greek army with their balding shaved head and move on. Then again, let me fill you in on the music as well. What is the purpose of the silly keyboard overtures on this disc? I bet the 'death metal' band didn't have synthesizers on its early '90s releases. Could it be that they are jumping on a dying bandwagon? Would it be because they are trendy? It certainly adds nothing to their music and has nothing to do with metal of any kind.
Horrified is a bunch of weak-minded and trendy sheep - no doubt about it. Otherwise let's wonder why the band replaces the drums in the faster segments with a drum machine.
In action since late 1989, Horrified is no newcomer to the scene having released a couple of EPs and a full-length entitled In The Garden Of Unearthly Delights. Now reformed, after the band's eventual demise in 1994, the trio belts out a fairly competent nine-tracker which combines low and high vocals with varying musical tempos. It is fairly strong-rhythmed and certainly has a good sound, but after hearing the silly keys clanging about one has to submit to the empty feeling that the boys are not a serious metal band and as such are not for me. - Ali "The Metallian"

Deus Diabolus Inversus signifies the return of Greece's Horrified after a three-year lull in activity. The follow up to 1998's Animal is both more melodic and more varied. Less are the band's leaning towards death metal and more are the keyboards, female vocals and goth elements. The album still packs a lot of punch, but songs like Ascending Path: A Star Child Is Born and Requiem For A Caged Lust display Opeth and Dimmu Borgir influences respectively. The former's Mickael Akerfeldt even makes a guest appearance on the album. Consequently the album has hard moments, mellow moments and makes a concerted effort to be variable and moody. The non-traditional and lengthy intro and outro work towards this goal as well. It can be lush and it can be severe, but either way a fantastic production courtesy of Studio Fredman makes it all come alive. Horrified has worked hard for this album and it shows. Let us hope that they do not feel the need to stray from the core much more than they already have though. - Ali "The Metallian"