HUSTLER>>Stone Dead Dog - FRANCE

Now Or Never - 1985 - Axe Killer

Hustler image
S= Jerome Serapiglia

G= Jerome Serapiglia - OLIVIER MAUER>>Red Octopus Temple

B= Phil Marchal

D= Dygitals>>Laurent Lafont>>Merci Symca, Dead Gregorys/Clowns Electriques, Le Javelyn, Mike Hutchinson, Appleseed, Mister Omar, 26crew

History & Biography
Hustler was a one-off French hard rock band whose case was not aided by the generic song titles or the bland cover. The band was founded in Paris in 1984. Line-up upheaval resulted in the departure of Laurent Lafont and Jerome Serapiglia. A second album was discussed, but the group disbanded.

Inevitably, the band regrouped in 2010. The band played concerts in 2011 and began work on a new record. Phil Marchal departed amidst differences and the monicker changed to Stone Dead Dog. Marchal was the rights' owner. The band split up.