Abuse Your Illusions - 2005 - Mausoleum
And The Worst Is Yet To Come - 2007 - Mausoleum
The Roots Of Trash - 2009 - Mausoleum
The Wolves Are Getting Hungry – 2015 – Punishment 18

Hyades image

Longobardeath>>LORENZO TESTA>>Longobardeath - MARCO NEGONDA

Roberto Orlando

Power Symphony, Soul Takers>>Mauro De Brasi>>Power Symphony, Soul Takers, Fianna - S.R.L, Subliminal Crusher>>RODEATH/RAWDEATH [RODOLFO RIDOLFI]>>S.R.L, Subliminal Crusher

History & Biography
Thrash metal band Hyades was formed in 1996 with drummer Omar Cerlotti, but it wasn’t until 1999 that the group issued the Princess Of The Rain demo. Another disc called MCLXXVI followed a year later, as did the No Bullshit… Just Metal disc. The band issued a self-titled demo in 2000, appeared on the Metal Crusades 4 compilation and soon signed with Mausoleum Records for two albums. The band’s debut album was issued at the end of 2005, following which drummer De Brasi left. Rodolfo Ridolfi replaced him. The band was announced as a member of the Mausoleum Metal Masters tour for the summer of 2006. A new album emerged early in 2007. The band toured with Omen. The Italian thrash metal band parted ways with bassist Jerico Biagiotti in the spring of 2010. He had temporarily been replaced with Rob Orlando who himself was previously a member from 2003 to 2008. The band was auditioning a permanent member. The band was on hiatus until 2014. The next album, featuring a new version of the song Hyades, only appeared in 2015. Orlando left and was replaced by Jerico Biagiotti.


The last time we had an authentic thrash metal band like this knock on the gates at Metallian Towers we were also dealing with an Italian band whose name started with the letter 'H'. That band was Hatework and this is Hyades, a quartet drawing influences from Tankard, Anthrax Testament, DRI and Pantera.
With an album title that is obviously a knock on Guns N Roses’ Use Your Illusion, Hyades’ thrashing bears a lot of resemblance to Tankard especially where the vocals of Marco Colombo is concerned. The band’s image, however, is Anthrax circa Among The Living and quite amusing. On the song Hyades the music takes on an Exodus-like quality, while Marco veers slightly towards Phil of Pantera. The song Liars is more tuned to early Testament and is reminiscent of COTLOD. Picture Of A War is more heavy metal proper and features more than one impressive riff. Overall, Abuse Your Illusions is a remarkable album and a good signing for the traditionally-minded Mausoleum records. Most fans could have done without yet another cover version though, in this case Beastie Boys’ Fight For Your Right.
One notable factor that further works for the Italian four is the band’s politically conscious lyrics. Titles like Smart Bomb, Dumb War, the aforementioned Picture Of A War or September, 11 speak for themselves. Additionally, compare the album’s astute photo collage to other bands’ covers or more recently The Quill’s suspect In Triumph album. - Ali “The Metallian”