Till Autumn Comes – 2020 – Maculata Anima

S= Burning Ground>>MAURIZIO MELONI>>Burning Ground
G= SIMONE MILIA – Neravendetta>>FRANCESCO CARBONI>>Neravendetta
B= Letame, Shardana, Glee’s>>CLAUDIO KALB>>Glee’s
D= Dusk, Blu Infinito>>CIANMARCO VACCA

Ilienses Tree was founded in Cagliari Sardinia, Italy in 2012 and soon had a line-up of Maurizio Meloni (vocals), Claudio Kalb (bass guitar), Simone Milia (guitar), Matteo Maccioni (guitar) and Giammarco Vacca (drums). Ilienses Tree published its first demo called 2014 B.C. in 2014 A.D. They took part in the Doom Over Karalis III fest. The band opened for Novembre in 2016 and played at the Doom Over Karalis V with Lord Vicar headlining. The band signed with Maculata Anima Records in 2017 and re-issued its Edda demo. The band released its first full-length called Till Autumn Comes in early 2020.

The monicker of the band refers to the Ilienses people. They were an ancient heathen shepherd-warrior people who lived in Sardinia about 2000 years B.C., which is during the Bronze Age.



Ilienses Tree