Flagellation>>ILLNATH - DENMARK

Cast Into Fields Of Evil Pleasure - 2003 - WorldChaos
Second Skin Of Harlequin - 2006 - Worldchaos/Deathlight
Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness - 2011 - Pitch Black
4 Shades Of Me - 2013 - Pitch Black

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Benjamin Johannesen - 7 Thorns>>Lars Borup - DENNIS STOCKMARR>>Heidra, Forever Still

Seven Thorns>>Tyr [Artur Meinild]>>Seven Thorns, Evil Masquerade

History & Biography
Flagellation was formed in 1997 and became Illnath in 2000. Peter Falk was the band's singer/guitarist before concentrating on the guitar. Tjodalv of Dimmu Borgir worked with the band for a while. An EP called Angelic Voices Calling was issued and the band opened for Illdisposed. Olav took over the vocals for the debut full-length, which was released by Worldchaos. Former Mercenary drummer Simon Thorsback also joined the band. Drummer Benjamin Johannesen rejoined the band at the beginning of 2007. The Danish band began working on a new EP, entitled Three Nights In The Sewers Of Sodom. Dismember, Necrophobic, Debauchery, Pitchblack and Illnath joined forces for the Feel The Darkness Tour 2007 in August and September across parts of Western Europe. The band recruited drummer Danni Lyse Jelsgaard (Fairytale Abuse) in advance of the release of Three Nights In The Sewers Of Sodom, which was released through Spain's Deathlight Records. The band and keyboardist Tyr went separate ways in late 2008. The band was looking for replacements and using the contact address of email@illnath.dk. Jelsgaard left in 2009 after a one-year stay. The band’s Three Nights In The Sewers Of Sodom album was recorded at Borsing Studios and was last reported due to be released through Deathlight Records, but it never came to be and the group issued a demo of three tracks with the title. The group recruited keyboardist Larz Munch in February, 2009. Illnath had even more changes within its ranks in 2010. New were keyboardist Danny (Heidra) and drummer Huhle (ex-Victimizer, Deadly Sins and Blackhorned). In 2011, Pitch Black Records signed Danish band Illnath. The band's third album, Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness, was released on November 18th. The band was singer Mona Beck, guitarist Pete Falk, bassist Kenneth Frandsen and session drummer Reno Kiilerich of Exmortem fame. The Danish death metal band would release its fourth album, 4 Shades Of Me, on March 12th through Pitch Black Records. Illnath Was booked for that year's Asia Metal Festival on March 30th in South Korea.

Following guitarist Peter Falk’s departure Illnath threw in the towel too. Falk was working on his solo project Leadfreak, while singer Marika Hyldmar is in Machiavellian. Singer Beck had left earlier in 2013.


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