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Internal Bleeding>>Ray LeBron>>Internal Bleeding - Ralph Spadafora - Coronary Thrombosis>>JORDON MAMALUKE>>Coronary Thrombosis

Acid Crypt>>JOE PROVVISIERO>>Acid Crypt - S.P.O.R.E., Grotesqueuphoria, Spawn>>Leo Bakman>>S.P.O.R.E., Grotesqueuphoria, Spawn

Sasha Abayev - Orthopedic Cranial Encavement, Solo, Kläüsïchtnüng, Anger Jack, Crimson Heart, Infectious Baboon>>TAYLOR SCHRANCK>>Orthopedic Cranial Encavement, Solo, Kläüsïchtnüng, Anger Jack, Crimson Heart, Infectious Baboon

Rudy Lopez - Apathy, Turrigenous>>RANDALL REEKSTIN>>Turrigenous

History & Biography
New York death metal band Immortal Suffering was formed in the early '90s and issued several releases. These included the Eternal Damnation demo in 1995 (featuring Dave Zatuchney later of Dehumanized) and, in conjunction with Mortal Coil Records, a split release with Insatanity in 1997. Ray Lebron later joined Internal Bleeding. The act disbanded in 1998 and returned in 2013. Rudy Lopez was the first to leave. Ralph Spadafora returned and departed in 2021. Leo Bakman left the act. Ray LeBron was part of the line-up, but departed in 2022.

Jordon Mamaluke was the singer and Taylor Schranck the bassist since 2021. The band toured the USA with Putridity and Cenotaph in 2023. Sevared Records issued the Extreme Torture EP in 2023. The group was booked for the Texas Beatdown Massacre with Pyrexia that November.



Immortal Suffering