Black Prophecy>>Infernal Bleeding>>IMPENDING DOOM - GERMANY

Caedes Sacrilaege - 1997 - Perverted Taste
Signum Of Hate - 1998 - Perverted Taste
Apocalypse III - The Manifested Purgatorium - 2001 - Cudgel

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ANDY KAUFMAN>>Hatespawn, Charon

Atanatos, Buried God>>PATRICK ENGEL>>Atanatos, Buried God, Hatespawn, Anael, Macbeth, Signum Diabolis - MARCUS REGEL


Pierre Krueger>>Spydor

Olaf Riegler>>Final Dezision

History & Biography
Rising from the ashes of Black Prophecy in 1995 the band ditched guitarist Uwe Roedel in favour of Patrick W. Engel and added keyboardist Olaf Riegler to form Impending Doom. The band issued the Messias Abaddon demo and began to play shows in Germany. A demo called Pagan Fires and split single with Atanatos garnered the band the attention of Perverted Taste. The debut featured Riegler, but the band continued on without a keyboardist. The band appeared at the Fuck The Commerce II festival and later signed with the festival's organizers, Cudgel Agency.

Bassist Manne left in 2002. Voice Of Life Records issued a band compilation in 2003 featuring older material. The band then split up, but two members went on to Hellspawn. Krueger had been replaced by Mirko Dreier for a short while.



Impending Doom