Stained - 2004 - Nuclear Blast

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ALEKSI SIHVONEN - Crystal Blaze>>Lauri Koskenniemi>>Crystal Blaze, Guardian Force

Fancy Ketchup>>EKI NURMIKARI


History & Biography
Helsinki's Imperanon appeared in 1999 and soon had the Until The End (2002) and Imperanon (2003) demos to its name. The original line-up of guitarists Asko J. Sartanen and Janne Tschokkinen, bassist Antti Alasimonen and drummer Jaakko Nylund had almost completely changed in a couple of years. A deal with Nuclear Blast meant the debut Stained album. Lauri Koskenniemi left the band and soon formed Crystal Blaze. He was replaced by Teemu Mäntysaari of Wintersun. Nuclear Blast dropped the band in the spring of 2005. A demo was issued in 2006 and the band quit for good in 2007.


Nuclear Blast does not sign too many young and untested bands anymore. Any band which has NB releasing its debut must be extraordinarily good, right? Wrong!
One can't be sure what is taking place in Finland, but judging by the amount of wimpy K&F (keyboard and female vocals) rubbish coming out of Finland (hello Children Of Bodom!) a trip to that country might be due. All one has to do to take all their women is to... show up! There are no real men left in that country.
Imperanon is yet another typical Finnish band with the screaming vocals, pompous keyboards, Classical influences and a whole song sung by a girlfriend. Stratovarius, you say? Sure, but this particular bunch insert, to be honest rips off, multiple riffs and solos from Helloween on top of the usual derivative reworking to add insult to injury. The main melodies on both opener Blade and track number four Prisoner In Me are lifted off Helloween's How Many Tears. By the time track six, Hollow Man, comes along one wishes these kids would rip off Entombed, but alas the band instead begins mixing clean vocals with the more aggressive singing. The End begins with a patented Iron Maiden riff. Shadowsouls is the particular track featuring a male/female duet and so it goes. The album is one sordid affair.
It is too bad that Imperanon had to ape the worst aspects of the Finnish scene. The band is comprised of capable musicians and the CD has been stained by a very good production. The Nuclear Blast biography calls this death metal. Sure, why not, Saddam Hussein had a nuclear arsenal ready to go. - Ali "The Metallian"