In The Ashes Of The Fallen - 1999 - Pulverised
The Ordeal - 2003 – Konqueror
The Deluge – 2018 - Inverse

Imperial Domain image
S= Tobias V. Heiderman - Searing I, Lou Siffer & The Howling Demons>>ANDREAS ÖMAN>>Lou Siffer & The Howling Demons,

G= PHILIP BORG – Goatworship, Sarcasm, The Hidden>>PETER S. LAITINEN>>Sarcasm, The Hidden

B= Erik Wargloo

D= Azotic Reign, Sandalinas, Sarcasm, Third Storm, Deathswarm>>ALVARO ROMERO>>Sandalinas, Sarcasm, Third Storm, Deathswarm

History & Biography
The band was formed in Uppsala, Sweden in 1994 and went to work issuing The Final Chapter (ironically!) and In The Ashes Of The Fallen demos. Imperial Domain was selected as one of the top three unsigned bands in 1998. The band soon signed with Pulverised Records and entered Sunlight Studio. The band switched to Konqueror five years later. Wargloo passed away from an undetermined disease. The band split up in 2005 and of course returned in 2014. Heiderman killed himself in 2015.



Imperial Domain