Ultimo Mondo Cannibale - 1990 - Wild Rags


S= Church Of Misery, Convulsions>>STEVO DE CAIXO>>Church Of Misery, Insomnia, Convulsions
B= Church Of Misery, Convulsions>>STEVO DE CAIXO>>Church Of Misery, Insomnia, Convulsions, Bware
D= Naked Hippy>>DANNY


Bloomington, Illinois' Impetigo was a gore metal band that was directly influenced by horror films and the Italian zombie sub-genres in particular. The band enjoyed mild acclaim during its tenure, but nothing like the adoration bestowed the band after its demise.

Stevo, Mark (an underground writer) and Dan formed the group in 1987 and issued the tongue-in-cheek demo All We Need Is Cheez. The band recruited second guitarist Scott and recorded the Giallo demo in 1989. The band then signed with California's underground label Wild Rags. Ultimo Mondo Cannibale was immediately censored by the CD pressing factory and a bunch of poser politicians. Next was the Biuo Omega 7" EP and a split with fellow metal fiends Blood. Wild Rags issued the Faceless EP next. The band decided to quit after their final appearance at the Milwaukee Metalfest VII in 1993. The band's material was reissued by Morbid Records some six years later. A tribute CD, called Wizards Of Gore, was assembled in 2000 by the nice folk at Razorback Records featuring Blood Duster, Deceased and others.

Impetigo announced that it would reform for a one-off show at the Central Illinois Metalfest, on July 20 and 21st of 2007 at the Canopy Club in Urbana, Illinois. At the same time Steveo announced a new project called Convulsions. Bware was the name of a 2008 side-project featuring Noel and Pablo from the band, Stevo and Kam Lee from Denial Fiend and Massacre. The band was on Razorback Records and played death metal. The debut album was to be called Not For The Squeamish.