Shining Evil Light - 2006 - My Officina
Midwinter Blood - 2009 - My Kingdom Music

S= The Hell Burn, Byblis>>XES>>Byblis
G= Stygian - Disjecta>>KATHAARIAN>>Disjecta - Haggard>>ASTENNU [GIACOMO ASTORRI]>>Haggard
B= VII Arcano, Grimness, Promaetheus Unbound, Apocryphal Ending>>PARANOIA [CARLO PAOLUCCI]>>Grimness, Promaetheus Unbound, Apocryphal Ending
D= Deimos>>Damned Creation - Daemusinem, Absentia Lunae>>ASMODEUS DRACO DUX>>Daemusinem, Absentia Lunae

Infernal Angels is a black metal band from Potenza in South Central Italy. The band was formed in 2002 and immediately went into the line-up upheaval mode. The 2002 demo, Absum Lucem, was followed a year later with Vigilia Secunda and 2004’s Dominus Silentii. Officina Rock issued the Shining Evil Light CD in 2006, which featured Dominus Silentii songs. Deimos and Stygian exited after the album. My Kingdom Music signed the band in 2009. The Italian black metal band signed a deal for the release of its new album, Midwinter Blood, that was to see the light on September 28th.



Infernal Angels