None Shall Defy - 1987 - Roadrunner
Unholier Than Thou - 1998 - Hypnotic
Chaos in Copenhagen - 2000 - Hypnotic
One Who Points To Death - 2004 - Black Lotus
Systematical Extermination - 2005 - Black Lotus
No God – 2016 - High Roller
None Shall Live (In Rotterdam) - 2023 - Snakepit

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Chris Bailey - Chris Bailey - Mecha Messiah>>Brian Langley>>Mecha Messiah, Cradle To Grave, Aggression – CHRIS BAILEY


Steve Russel – Wetwork>>Chay McMullen>>Wetwork – Severed Serenity>>KIEL WILSON>>Severed Serenity

Rapid Tears, Lethal Presence>>Rick Nemes>>Inner Thought, Castle Of Pain - Kevin Harrison – Grudge, Scourge>>Kris Deboer - Severed Serenity>>KIEL WILSON>>Severed Serenity

History & Biography
Toronto-based Infernäl Mäjesty was formed in 1986 by Chris Bailey, bassist Psycopath, drummer Nemes and guitarists Hallman and Terror. and soon issued a demo bristling with influences ranging from Slayer to Slayer. The band signed to the Roadrunner label and issued its seminal None Shall Defy in 1987. Despite a successful promotion and massive underground support the band began to stagnate. A demo called Nigresent Dissolution was issued in 1988 and another called Creation Of Chaos followed in 2002. The latter featured singer Vince who would later die after overdosing on drugs. Vince had recorded vocals for Unholier Than Thou, but these would be erased in favour of work by returning singer Chris Bailey. The album's title referred to the infamous criminal Reverend Jim Jones of the late '70s. The band had lost drummer Rick Nemes in 1988. At this point, the band emphasized its desire to record and cited Scott Burns as its producer of choice. In essence, the band had split up. The next album would be issued by Hypnotic in Canada. Unholier Than Thou was produced by Scott Burns in Toronto and mixed by Pierre Remillard in Montreal. Displeased would re-issue none Shall Defy on CD in 1996. The band would tour alongside bands like Malevolent Creation and Vital Remains. After a live album which saw nary a promotion, the now Vancouver-based act signed to another fledgling Canadian label for Canada, this time Galy Records. Europe was handled by Black Lotus Records. Singer Chris Bailey would definitively depart in 2004. Reportedly, he would simply disappear from the scene without notice. His replacement, Brian Langley, had sang in Mecha Messiah a more traditional hard rock band. Also in that year the band was supposed to tour with Satyricon but would withdraw. The group would release a five-song EP, entitled Demo'n God on December 1st. The MCD featured four demo versions of songs off the group’s forthcoming Systematical Extermination CD that was due for a spring 2007 release. The EP featured a new version of the song S.O.S. from the band's 1985 None Shall Defy album, with George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher and Rob Barrett of Cannibal Corpse guesting. Singer Brian Langley left Infernal Majesty For Tyrants Blood at the dawn of 2008. Infernal Majesty would perform its 1987 album None Shall Defy (originally Roadrunner and later re-issued by Displeased) in its entirety with guest vocalist George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher from Cannibal Corpse on August 20th, 2011 at Rickhaw Theatre in Vancouver, Canada. Opening was Tyrants Blood and Sinned. Brian Langley of Infernal Majesty was now in Cradle To Grave.

Upon the 30th anniversary of Aggression, guitarist Denis 'Sasquatch' Barthe recruited session players to reform the ‘80s’ thrashers for the 2015 edition of Defenders Of The Old Festival in Brooklyn, NY, USA on March 13th and 14th, which also included Exciter, Natur, Riot V, The Rods and more. The band’s line-up featured vocalist Brian Langley. Both men were also in Cradle to Grave. Infernal Mäjesty picked No God as the title for its next album, which was due either in late 2015 or early 2016. High Roller Records signed for the release of the album for end of 2016. Infernal Majesty was working on an album called Secrets in 2018. The band featured drummer Kiel Wilson (Severed Serenity) and bassist Daniel Nargang (singer for Kick Axe). Nomad Snakepit Productions was releasing The band's None Shall Live (In Rotterdam) album in June 2023. The band performed its entire None Shall Defy album and more in the Dutch city while touring with Malevolent Creation, Vital Remains and Vader in 1997. This recording was limited to 200 vinyl copies.



Infernäl Mäjesty