Live In Bitterfeld – 1999 - Eclipse
Duch Slovanské Sily – 2001 - Eclipse
Live From The Woods – 2002 – Forgotten Wisdom
V Návratu Pohanství... – 2003 – Old Legend
Pure Serbian Hell – 2004 – Unholy World
Nikdy Nepokøtìni – 2006 - Die Todesrune
Uctívání Temné Zuøivosti – 2008 – Undercover
Live Plague – 2008 - Grom
Black Devotion – 2009 - Agonia
Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness – 2013 - Agonia
Live At Total War Festival – 2016 – Total War
Gnosis Kardias (Of Transcension And Involution) – 2017 – World Terror Committee

Inferno image
G= Radim ‘Azazel” Pletnický - Vrolok, Silva Nigra, Noctambulant>>SKA-GUL>>Silva Nigra, Noctambulant – Svardenvyrd, Sezarbil, Torc>>MORION>Torc
B= Volos - Vrolok>>Pentaroth – Embrional, Throneum, F.A.M., A.H.P.>>ARMAGOG [MICHAŁ SAMOL]>>Embrional, Throneum, F.A.M., A.H.P.
D= Silva Nigra>>Svarog>>Silva Nigra – Belphegor - Moravská Zima>>Sarapis>>Moravská Zima – Mystes, Arkona, Christ Agony, Witchfuck, Suffering, Soul Collector D.I.E., Secret Of Darkness, A.H.P.>>ONDRA D.I.E.>>A.H.P.

This particular Inferno hails from Karviná in the eastern tip of the Czech Republic. The band has been active since 1996 spewing black metal, but maintained a low profile internationally due to the usage of regional language and underground labels. Following the departure of guitarist Azazel in 2009 the band does not feature any original members, but singer Adramelech provides core stability to the revolving line-up. The band has several live records and multiple split releases – with the likes of Sekhmet, The True Endless, The Stone, Tundra, etc. - and has its music re-released often in different formats and in different countries. 1996’s Peklo Na Zemi was the band’s first demo and known recording.

Typical for Eastern Europe the band has a nationalistic bent and calls itself ‘Slavonic Black Metal.’ The title ‘Duch Slovansk Sily’ means ‘The Spirit Of Slavonic Power.’ Drummer Belphegor was in and out of the group. The band has toured all over Europe and travelled to Mexico in 2010 using the Black Devotion Mexico tour 2010 monicker. Armagog and Ondra D.I.E. joined in 2017.


Once again, another blistering album from Agonia. Inferno hails from the Czech Republic... what... no really... don’t stop reading... these guys are actually... good. Seriously... come back... yes, very good. Haling from the country that either emits wimped-out pretentious crap like Root and Master’s Hammer (love the dumbaks) or quasi-fascistic bore-you-to-the-bones patriotic dimwitted trash, Inferno actually delivers with its razor-sharp black metal. Regardless of the band’s nationalistic beliefs (the refuge of the ignorant), Inferno is an album that proudly stands beside the best of Dark Funeral and Marduk and lives up to those kinds of standards - and this is the group’s ninth full-length album depending on how one counts things.
Ignoring a standard intro Black Devotion stands up for its name and shoots evil and hatred within a context of mayhemic, yet smooth, hyper speed black metal chock full of tormented vocals, sharp guitars, incredibly speedy, yet varied, drumming via titles like Whisper Of Hope In Bloody Tears, Altar Of Perversity and the favourite Way To Illumination Lies In Darkness. Even the closing instrumental, Epilog, empowers the listener with a riff-oriented power delivery the likes of which 1349 or Mayhem would seriously be proud of. Several riffs even point to Necrophobic.
Were the band to drop the “Slavonic” nonsense and realize metal was born to free the masses from such demarcations, remain on a label with an actual promotion half-plan, explain what 'loyality' is (track six: Loyality Of Honour) and not waiver from its crushing approach the group can be the next unheralded black metal band anywhere. The drumming is simply delightfully insane. In the meantime, find Black Devotion! - Ali “The Metallian”